EPA To Kill Obama’s Clean Coal Plan

The EPA is expected to scrap the Obama Era plan that would have severely restricted the use of coal for energy production and greatly increased the price of electricity in many states. A leaked draft proposal states the Trump administration will declare that the Clean Coal Plan went beyond the agency’s mandate and would spike consumer energy prices too much.


14 Comments on EPA To Kill Obama’s Clean Coal Plan

  1. Twenty years ago there were always several weeks every summer when the view of the taller buildings in my local city would be shrouded by the haze of smog.
    That does not happen anymore.
    The point is that there has been a LOT of clean air progress.
    We are better off now than just two decades back.
    So let’s keep making improvements, but let’s not destroy our way of life to meet some arbitrary timeframe that the liberal special interests want.

  2. The environmental regulations enacted during my nearly two and a half decades working in a coal fired generating station were staggering at the time. In 1980, we didn’t even know what “opacity” was, nor did we care. Then came acid rain. Later, when they started after mercury and PM2.5, we could see the writing on the wall.

    I never in my wildest dreams would ever think they’d go after CO2.

    A non-diverse generation base is a weak generation base. Buy batteries, folks.

  3. Coal’s comeback will hold down prices on other fuels. Unfortunately it takes time and money to bring back mothballed generators, if they’re still standing.

  4. With the stroke of his pen, Trump just added billions of dollars to the GDP and increased the grid’s reliability. On the downside, California won’t get the blackouts they have been begging for.

  5. The ‘Environmentalist’ elite are completely oblivious to the destruction they cause among the poor. They are not poor, they don’t give a damn about the poor and they never have. Except during election season of course.

  6. Good stuff. Deader than a kipper on a cracker. Now track down those other useless regs and wipe them out too.

  7. But how will all “electric” cars be “recharged” with out coal energy produced grid electricity?

    BUUUUUUU WAAAAAAAA HA HA HA …snicker…chortal..cough..cough…snicke…BUUUUUUU WHAAAAAAAAAA HA HA HA!!!!


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