EPIC Megyn Kelly vs. Newt Gingrich FIGHT (VIDEO)


Newt Gingrich hands Hillary shill, Megyn Kelly, her proverbial ass! MUST SEE VIDEO


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46 Comments on EPIC Megyn Kelly vs. Newt Gingrich FIGHT (VIDEO)

  1. Kelly = Rank Amateur
    Newt “cleaned her clock” as we LA’s are wont to say; I haven’t watched Faux News in almost five years and with any luck won’t ever watch it again. Newt spit back every time she tried to spin the narrative and just put the “butch blond” in her place. Kudos to Newt.

  2. FOX should have paid attention to what happened to MSNBC and the NFL.
    Megyn best plan to read her ‘news’ naked soon because she’s Keith Olberman.

    I used to switch TVs in public places to FOX but I stopped years ago. It’s all sewage

  3. This is exactly what I thought when I watched it live.

    “She closed with an unprofessional, “you can take your anger issues and spend some time working on them Mr. Speaker.” It was obvious that it was Megyn Kelly that was having the anger issue every time Newt Gingrich made his point.”

  4. Typical shill worker for Hillary. Every time Newt tried to answer her about the polls, about the early voting turnouts, anything disproving Fox and her preferences for their “forecasts” favoring Hillary, as if she got them from Mt Sinai handed to her personally by God, he cleaned her clock, then she would out shout him to turn back to the bimbos and 2005. Newt countered with why does the MSM keep focusing on that as ISIS and the world burns, as Hillary is a felon carrying out pay-for-play with 7 second coverage? he even said she and MSM are “sex obsessed” and she went ballistic. It was fun to watch this comeuppance the bitch owns and smackdown Newt delivered.

  5. That egotistical twit had me screaming at the TV by her rude treatment of Newt.
    If Kelly looked like Gingrich, she couldn’t get a job on ANY network, even “if” she slept her way to the top.

  6. Smug, self-righteous, insufferable media whore. She couldn’t contain her anger and her eyes were shooting bolts of hate at Newt and with her condescending “Sir” crap in her lame efforts to sound professional. He ate her lunch and the lying bint was beside herself. She has turned herself into an odious and obnoxious personality on a level matching that of Fox News.

  7. Her tanking numbers are really making her desperate.
    STOP DIGGING, hon!
    Your audition for MSNBC has been acknowledged.

    When Newt is good, he’s ON FIRE!

  8. Kelly is a narcissitic sex-obsessed attention seeking leftist bimbo. Why anyone would watch her ‘show’ is beyond me. Gingrich should have unloaded on her, then taken off his mike and walked off the set. What a C *** NT

  9. Wifey just said that she is the the most bitchy bitch she has ever heard.

    People should refuse to be interviewed by her.

    Did you hear he say Fox isn’t mainstream? Too Funny.

  10. That girl has uglified herself with stupidity lately. She doesn’t sound like the same person I used to like years ago.

    Kelly is the one with anger issues. Newt is all kinds of cool.

  11. I think that was her best”interview” ….Megan Kelly is an ass hole. Go back to Syracuse Megan, that’s where you belong. Figlio you said it perfectly,Smug, self-righteous, insufferable media whore. Congratulations Newt, I’ve been waiting a long time for somebody to put that bitch in her place. Fox….. Time to get rid of her. She’s nothing but bombastic MSNBC dildo. She lost me when she had a Muslim wearing a headbag on, spewing the joys of her death cult so-called religion and Megan was just like a chicken; eating it all up. Go back to Syracuse.

  12. She’s looking more and more like the witch cecile richards of planned parenthood. She’s just another one who has sold they’re soul to satan. Sucks to be her.

  13. Even Bechtel and now Williams on The Five, who were hired to present the left point of view, were more even handed than Kelly. When Gingrich asked Kelly to say “Bill Clinton and sexual predator” in the same sentence and Kelly refused, the “interview” was over. I would say that it is time for Kelly to head over to MSNBC, but her ratings dowslide would give even MSNBC pause.

  14. @Biff – it seems when women go off the rails on a crazy train, one of the first things they do is cut off their hair – for example, Britney Spears (several years ago), Miley Cyrus, Sinead O’Oconnor, my previous supervisor…

  15. I haven’t watched the video yet but it’s interesting to note that all the news story tiles that Bing will present along the bottom of the screen when it’s called for a search are all of the headline that Kelly schooled or beat Gingrich. The only one that wasn’t was CNN whose story headline blurb read just that the two got into a mighty argument over perceived media bias. Three of the tiles Business-insider, HuffnPuff and Yahoo News all used the same headline that had Kelly schooling Gingrich. Hmmmm…

  16. She is obeying der Fuhrer Rupert Murdoch, owner of 20th Century Fox and Fox News, a die hard socialist Australian with extreme leftist leanings, who enjoys meddling in American politics the same as George Soros. The Fox News ‘stars’ were commanded by Murdoch to tilt everything to Hitllery, and that’s what we are seeing and hearing. True journalism is gone with the wind, and now you have propagandists and hacks like her. More so, these Fox whores are for sale to do Rupert’s socialistic world order endgame.

  17. Wow. Just WOW. She has become such an asshole. She’s the one with anger issues, not Speaker Gingrich.

    I’m glad I became a cable cutter years ago. Now I stream HULU thru my Roku and have an HDTV antenna for watching local football games and the Army-Navy Game. GEAUX ‘AINTS! To hell with Fox News; they’re Mainstream Media now.

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