Evergreen professor who made anti-white comments resigns, gets $240G settlement

FOX: An Evergreen State College professor who was captured on video harassing her white co-workers resigned after reaching a financial settlement with the college.

Naima Lowe, a self-described black queer artist and educator who taught video and performance art at Evergreen State, received $240,000 from the college after she filed a discrimination and hostile work environment claim, according to college spokesperson Zach Powers.

Lowe has been on personal leave since the beginning of the school year after she claimed she was the victim of “online attacks on her,” according to a letter sent to colleagues. She officially resigned Dec. 6.

Lowe came under fire after she was caught on video berating her white co-workers.

“You are now these motherf***ers that we’re pushing against,” Lowe told her co-workers on the school’s Equity Council in a viral video earlier this year. “You can’t see your way out of your own *ss…This sh** is literally going to kill me.”  read more

41 Comments on Evergreen professor who made anti-white comments resigns, gets $240G settlement

  1. Amazing what one can get away with; over a quarter mill just for being black, lesbian, and arrogant…plus a horrid haircut. That “institute of higher learning” needs to close.

  2. Nothing good comes from rewarding bad behavior.
    The term “Pussy Whipped” has been around for quite some time for males who let disingenuous women run all over them, but whut, exactly, is the term that can be used for an entire society that allows itself to be trampled by a single minority who has learned how to use ginned-up “victimhood” to become independently wealthy?

  3. INTERVIEWEE:I’ve got a degree in video and performance art.I NTERVIEWER: That’s nice dear. Just remember to smile and say welcome to McDonald’s before taking their order.

  4. Evergreen State hires mentally deficient, racist, pervert and wonders why their employment didn’t work out?

    Academia, where social engineering and stupidity reside.

  5. And guess where that money came from? Taxpayers are obviously responsible for her sending nasty letters to herself from a different server. Nice scam if you can get it!

  6. I suspect that’s probably about two years salary. I wonder if she grabbed a settlement knowing that this place may just be on the edge of bankruptcy and closure. After all, there are just so many rich parents of snowflake SJW’s that are willing to pony up the high tuition to subsidize other, less fortunate but far more radical students to assist in brainwashing their kids into not being able to get a decent job. Maybe she figured grab the money while they still had it and run. I have no idea where she’ll get a job now because even radical schools don’t want to have proven rabble rousing racists on staff.

  7. So she’s a “self-described black queer artist”, huh? Well, what about white queers? Why won’t she draw them, too?

    Sounds awfully racist to me.

  8. When white people “Uncle Tom” in solidarity with racists, they’ll eventually turn on your white ass too.

    Just because you enable them, doesn’t mean they like you any better.

  9. There was a story here last night about two professors (married) that were harassed at Evergreen because they weren’t radical enough (though they did participate with Occupy Wall Street). I am pretty sure this is one of the professors they were referring to as a harasser. They got 250 thousand each also. I think I am going to go join the faculty at Evergreen for a day and quit.

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