Fabio Promoting A Different Set of Guns After Home Robbery

Thieves recently broke into the home of the Italian model Fabio in California and made off with a safe with approximately $200,000 worth of gold coins and watches. After the thieves successfully defeated his security measures, Fabio has announced his intention to purchase a personal firearm.


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  1. There is some logic to his thought. Therefore he will be labeled a hater & racist. Not sure what products he might sell or be involved with, but start looking for threats & boycotts from the left.

    Although, I’m not sure what dumbass would have a puny 200 pound safe versus a real vault or off site storage given he’s a celebrity trying to protect a lot of wealth. Meh, it’s probably insured anyhow.

  2. He’ll buy, never shoot it, store it in a biometric bedside safe with the ammo stored separately, as California Law dictates, and next time he gets robbed they will take his gun too.

  3. I doubt the safe was bolted to the floor. If it was the perp would have had to open the safe in order to loosen the bolts. The perp could have cut the floor but the article doesn’t say they did that. I can understand having gold coins but $80,000 worth of watches?

  4. He’s still pretty and has a nice body and has a good sense of humor. (I’ve seen ads of him where he’s making fun of the fact that he’s a model). But I can’t deal with his hair and the fact that he didn’t secure that jewelry correctly.

  5. A 200-lb safe bolted to the floor…the only window without a camera…dogs outside, not in.

    I smell an “inside job” or a scam (HT/Brad). Sounds like a Kardashian Paris Hotel heist, to me.

  6. $200k isn’t much of an insurance scam for a guy in Fabio’s position.
    It could well be an inside job (disgruntled ex employees with access, ex girlfriends) but I doubt Fabio’s in on it for a mere $200k.

    And yep, dumb “security” for a celebrity.
    Being rich brings its own forms of Denial.

  7. I’ve never heard of him claiming to be a conservative or liberal, so he gets props for keeping his shit to himself, as all other Hollyweird assholes should learn to do.

    MJA: “He’s still pretty” Shame on you for treating a man like a piece of meat, you female chauvinist pig, you! 😉

  8. He and his wife had a miscarriage, which ended in divorce. About the same time he lost a family member or two. Pulled out of Hollyweird, donated most of his money to some cause, lives in a little apartment in New York, keeps to himself, makes movies, and shoots guns.

  9. Shame (and stupid, with his means) that he got robbed.
    BRAVO TO HIM that he is open enough to advertise this
    “change of heart”…and mind. That helps EVERYONE.

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