Fascist Twitter Suspends Mohammad Cartoonist Bosch Fawstin

PJ Media-

Bosch Fawstin is one of the most well-known former Muslim artists, famous (or in certain circles, infamous) for his cartoons about Islam in general, and specifically for daring to draw Mohammad.

Fawstin tells Jihad Watch that Twitter has not given him an explanation for his suspension except for a vague statement that he violated their rules for “hateful conduct.”

Of course, Wilders and Fawstin won’t receive answers.

PJ Media’s Bridget Johnson had a similar experience last month, when she was banned from Twitter for supposedly violating its rules — yet which rules, or when and how they were violated, wasn’t explained.

14 Comments on Fascist Twitter Suspends Mohammad Cartoonist Bosch Fawstin

  1. How’s about Mo’ art that features his fun loving fan boy’s pulling up his Nap sack, and exposing Mo’s Breasts and Clitoris !
    I’m thinking Billboard in Tehran !

  2. I’ve said it before – we need a billionaire like Peter Thiel to fund truly neutral 1st Amendment Free-For-All versions of Fakebook, Twitter and YouTube. Let Conservatives and Leftists fight it out in the free marketplace of ideas. We will win every single time.

    Let the service be a three-in-one dealio – FB, YT and Twitter all in one package. Call it Trio or Triad or some shit like that.

  3. This is the USA I will do any cartoons I want let does SOB rag head . Like Charlie Daniels said in is song This Ain’t No Rag this is the American flag . This evils SOB need to hide in their rat hole.

  4. @ maj Gent Mansfield Lovell, CSA . I agree 100 percent with you I feel the same way conservative Facebook , tweet , YouTube . We have the radio station on a couple of newspapers the internet

  5. If Hussein Obama was still president . This will be 24 7 in the news . He telling us that we racist . Let me make it clear to this Mother fuck this is the USA

  6. This reminds me a the video . That Hussein Obama and Susan Rice blame the video on the killing in Benghazi never forget that

  7. Leftist Dictionary:
    hateful conduct. noun
    1. holding conservative views
    2. believing in the Bill of Rights as well as the US Constitution
    3. non-belief in the deity of Karl Marx and disbelief of an inevitable Communistic state


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