Feinstein Argues That Letting Illegals Into the Country Bankrupts Us

Has Feinstein found a magical way that illegals will not bankrupt us, or was she told by her overlords to STFU because illegals will put the left in permanent power?

This is evil. Pure evil. The left is not protecting Americans, they have something else in mind.

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  1. “This is evil. Pure evil. The left is not protecting Americans, they have something else in mind.”

    Yes they do. Think of it this way.

    In theological thinking, there’s a doctrine called Replacement Theology. It is the doctrine that basically says the Bible cannot be believed because all references to God’s as-yet-fulfilled promises and ultimate purposes for a nation called Israel are forever cancelled (i.e., God will never again deal with Israel AS Israel). Atop this false assumption is built the false belief that Israel’s destiny and promises have been transferred to the Church (defining “the Church” is another problem). This belief is not exclusive to Catholics. Reformed Protestants, typically, and others believe it too, but it is a lie.

    Feinstein and the Left have a similar but reversed kind of replacement theology in mind. They’re going to replace the native, more or less white populations of the West with darker shades which, judging by their native countries, cannot manage their own affairs and so will require a superintending global super-state to manage things for them. Obviously, people on the Left of necessity set themselves up as “God” in order to make all this happen. BTW, it is no coincidence that they already rejected the God Who Is, per Romans chapter 1.

    In short, RT says God has broken His unbreakable Word by replacing one select body of people with another (Romans ch. 9-11 says this is impossible). Him breaking His Word somehow glorifies Him, according to many vain philosophers, but whatever.

    The leftist version of RT has “God” (the global Left) replacing one body of people (the ones who made everything and keep everything running) with another (the ones who didn’t and can’t). This will glorify “God” when everything falls apart and “God” dispenses “His” wrath on all who will not believe…meaning people like us.

    One last thing. Everything we see taking place around us is EXACTLY what the Bible foretells the world will look like before the wrathful return of Christ to set EVERYTHING right.

  2. So what happened between then and now?
    Power. It’s all about the POWER!
    All you have to do is look around you. Look at every run-down, shot-up, burned-out, poverty-stricken, crime-ridden, rat-infested, urine-soaked, feces-friendly Shit-hole city (Denver, just decriminalized public defecation) controlled by corrupt Rat politicians rewarding cronies with public funds, establishing hostile business environments, heavily taxing the most productive citizens, setting up fat pensions for their union friends. And they’re all run by democRATS! They´ve been doing it for decades (out of pure compassion of course), because they “really care” about the poor when they sell them fabricated “Racism”, Hope & Change® snake oil and even more Free Shit every time there is an election. The people aren´t any better off than they were a Half Century ago, but it sure keeps democRATs in POWER! Now they want to do it on a wholesale basis to the entire country for an even larger base of (D)ependent voters and Donald Trump is one of the few calling them on it!
    It’s waaaaaay past time to stop the shit!

  3. What happened?
    Back then, Democrats still needed to campaign like they cared how the country is run, and that they were against open borders.
    Meanwhile, they passed laws promoting open borders, in order to broaden their voting base.
    They are now near the tipping point where they can openly campaign for open borders, and in fact gain more votes for doing so.

  4. I like how the white and black lefties think that the illegals they bring in now will keep voting for white and black Dems, eternally. Why would they keep them in power when the illegals can vote themselves in? I bet the muslims will get there first. Wouldn’t that be terror-ific?

  5. If leftists really cared about people, none of the places they run – from towns to nations – would look the way they do. One doesn’t have to truly believe in communism to be a communist. It just happens to very readily lend itself to running a self-enriching scam for opportunists who manage to get themselves elected. Most are not true believers, but the practical outworking is the same as if they were.

  6. This clip is *astonishing*! It’s even more remarkable that so many of our citizens have, in such a short period of time, been brainwashed: diversity and non-assimilation is our strength and open borders is our answer.

    It’s like the hellish Chinese Cultural Revolution. …Lady in Red


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