Female Democrat drops out of Kansas election race after allegations

BPR: In another bizarre sign of the times, a female Democrat who was running for Congress abruptly dropped out of the race amid sexual harassment allegations by a male subordinate.

Andrea Ramsey of Kansas was accused of sexually harassing a man named Gary Funkhouser in a 2005 lawsuit filed against LabOne, where she had been executive vice president of human resources. Funkhouser claimed Ramsey fired him because he refused her sexual advances.

Funkhouser dropped the lawsuit in 2006 after reaching a settlement with LabOne through mediation, the Kansas City Star reported. The sexual harassment allegations were detailed in a separate complaint Funkhouser filed with the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission).

In his 2005 EEOC complaint, Funkhouser — who was then a human resources manager at LabOne — claimed Ramsey (who was his supervisor) repeatedly made “inappropriate sexual comments and innuendo” and hit on him during a business trip. read more

19 Comments on Female Democrat drops out of Kansas election race after allegations

  1. Attractive? It’s a bit early for that level of blurred vision, ain’t it? That smile is clearly stretching facial muscles that haven’t been used since sometime before college, if not puberty!

  2. Excuse me, racist . . . but when the standard of Democrat attractiveness is Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro then Ramsey is attractive. Of course, things that my garbage disposal spits out are attractive compared to Delauro, too.
    Hey, Weinstein would do her. Hell, he’d do DeLauro.

  3. @The Rat Fink December 16, 2017 at 8:40 am

    “Only in the mind of a social justice warrior would the equation for ‘success’ have human resources in it!”


  4. Yeah he’s a sissy but her dropping out is a big plus. We don’t have to contend with her and he can go back to his boyfriend.

  5. It’s about time! And I’m glad the guy told on her. Women aren’t all innocent when it comes to crap like this. If it got out of control and he hit her, we’d be seeing him locked up and no one would care why because he’s a MAN, right? Welcome to the party, bitches. LOL!

  6. She should write a book, and explain to women the true meaning of “uncomfortable” and “harrassment”

    Uncomfortable is when you show interest in another person, and they take the opportunity to loudly and publicly humiliate you because they find it “inapropriate”. If they weren’t a weakling or a gaping anus they could deal with such a situation calmly. If the
    gimmiecrats and their lawyer buddies had not destroyed marriage, there would be fewer guys desperately seeking connections and less government subsidized “ass” rewarding guys that refuse to get married.

    And “Harrassment” is when our legal system and regulations force you to hire/interact with people with special rights that enable them to be a gaping anus without normal consequences. “Harrassment” is when a hate campaign hounds you out of a job – whether it’s done by national media or just local shrews.

    This also applies to other privileged people like blaks and muzies. Our (D)irtbag elites prevent effective, well known protocols to restrain aholes from mayhem – so every one of us is “harassed” and made “uncomfortable” by leftist-enabled lowlifes.

    Women who act hateful against men tend to drive away those guys with serious relationship intent. In general, positive people are averse to poisonous attitudes.

    (D)irtbag political propaganda is mostly about creating bad attitudes amongst all the privileged (D)umbclucks -which includes students, bureaucrats, welfare moochers…


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