Feminists just can’t help but nag

Big Hollywood

With Democrats and the media gearing up to elect Hillary Clinton president, the obvious gameplan is to prep the battlefield by creating a cult of personality around women. If you are in any way paying attention, our cultural and media overseers seem to have  coordinated a campaign where America is required to celebrate women simply because they don’t sport a penis.

Women are awesome, just cuz.

It is certainly not about equality anymore. Women are now promoted as The Master Race. Everything is better with women. America would run better with women. The left-wing Politico, one of the biggest voices in DC media, has already started a creepy “Women Rule!” campaignThe Washington Post has its just-as creepy “She the People” feature.

But that’s not enough for feminists. No, just like the left-wing gay movement, The Master Female Race now wants special treatment from satirists like Seth MacFarlane. The feminist campaign to shame MacFarlane into leaving women alone started in earnest with his hosting of the 2013 Oscars and has heated up again with the release of his bigscreen comedy, “A Million Ways to Die in the West.”

Over at Slate, Aisha Harris is complaining that a COMEDY FILM fails to present a “progressive female character.” After crybabying *sigh* over MacFarlane joking about boobs at the Oscars, Harris explains what so offends her:



11 Comments on Feminists just can’t help but nag

  1. If anyone on this planet can prove the media and feminists are full of crap, it’s Hillary. If they had any sense they’d be trying to get rid of her.

  2. Guys, are you married or happy?

    Put the money you would spend in a year on your wife or girlfriends into your gun safe and when the year is up, go spend it on a wild week at a bunny ranch with some beautiful women in Nevada. Then, spend the other 51 weeks doing what you want without the nagging.

    You’ll still have a lot of money left over in the safe for an even better bunny adventure next year.

  3. Well I had a comment, BUTT, I guess I better address this first…

    “You’ll still have a lot of money left over in the safe for an even better bunny adventure next year.”

    The rest of that comment is so, (pardon my Democrat, but) RE-TARD-ED that I won’t even bother c&p-ing it, BUTT, WTF makes you think that anything other than spending ALL 52 weeks with my wife and kids (our wives…) , nagging, fighting, stonewalling, and exorbitant spending and all? I happen to not only Love my wife and BE very much madly “In-Love” with her, I also happen to LIKE her… ALOT! (most of the time) (and No, she doesn’t ever read IOTW unless I email her a post or something…
    BUTT, just so we’re clear here, Your advice is to withold any funds/gifts/expenses, deprive her of any financial benefit from my income for an entire year, and then take that money to a place where emotionally damaged young women get naked and rub themselves on dozens of strange men’s crotch for money every day,and OHHHH!!! WAIT a second, I just realized we’re talking about the Bunny Ranch (in NV) where prostitution is legal and common. Yeah That makes it even stoopidder! I was thinking titty-bar. That was dumb enough, to “screw” your wife out of the cash to go pay some coke whore to give you blue balls and not screw you. But an actual whore-for-money hooker… Hell, you’d be lucky if all she gave you was blueballs! I’m way out of time to hash this out any plainer, or even bother with proper grammar and punctuation, but DUDE, you hate on women if you want to… (cough,elliotrodgers,cough) But I have a beautiful daughter (who turns 12 tomorrow btw) to set an example for and to model how she should expect to be treated when she is grown and chooses a potential husband. Not only by the way I love her and treat her, but the way I treat her Mother as well,no matter what the situation is… Nagging, bitching, split personality sounding like she wants to poison me or chop my head off in my sleep, or whatever!!! I made a covenant with God, and I told Him that I would love her and cherish her, protect her no matter what, and do my best to actually provide for her needs, and wants! As if she was literally an extension of my own flesh… Because SHE IS! She and I became ONE in the eyes of God, and they are some BIG eyes! I wouldn’t try to cheat on my covenant even if I wanted to!!!

  4. Wow, sorry that got so carried away! I need sleep!!! Possibly Valium or Alcoholic beverages!

    Oh yeah, btw, my original snark…

    “they don’t sport a penis.
    Women are awesome, just cuz.”

    I think those 2 sentences got mixed up.
    “Women are awesome, just cuz, simply because they don’t sport a penis!”

    There, fixed it fer ya!

  5. Anyone who thinks the world would be a better place if it was run by women, has obviously never worked in an office with a high population of women.

  6. I was married to a Femminazi and became a Practice Husband in the 70s as the Sex Wars became a rage. Women won.

    A year after the divorce I found I had all sorts of money. I could, and did, buy guns, went hunting every week, camped, climbed mountains, fished, bought new jeeps (well land Cruisers), farted.

    45 years later my health & happiness are great. When I pray I always thank God for that divorce

  7. I thought America was already being run by women. Valerie Jarret comes to mind as well as the transgenders in Congress.


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