First Trump Holiday Portrait

18 Comments on First Trump Holiday Portrait

  1. The epitome of classic elegance.
    I know I’ve said this before, but you have no idea how relieved I am that we no longer have to pretend that Michelle Obama is a fashion icon.
    Thank you for Making America Classy Again!!!!

  2. His beautiful smile? Our First Lady is great too! We are so fortunate that these two would sacrifice a life of luxury and easy living to contribute to MAGA. I hope they have a great Christmas!

  3. @FarmWife — I bet they agonized over whether to have him in the picture and then decided not to subject him to the terrible bullying the media would have dished. He’s still so young.

  4. For some strange reason I kind of miss the beautifully toned arms of a black male.

    Must have been something in the contrails for the past 8 years.


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