Follow Up: Iowa Bee Vandals Arrested


A twelve and thirteen-year old have been arrested for the destruction of the Wild Hill Honey Apiary in Sioux City Iowa. The police won’t identify the culprits but have charged the two with three felonies. The accused reportedly killed half of a million bees and did $60,000 in uninsured damages.

A Gofundme page did raise over $30,000 in December to help the owners restart their business.  More 

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  1. This sort of thing isn’t because of mere idle hands. These kids need to be court ordered to get menial jobs and pay these people back. Back in the early ’60’s, a neighbor kid (then a high-schooler) and his brother destroyed one of those huge Union 76 gas station globes with rocks. I remember it cost about $2500. to replace and they were made to pay back every last dime.

    (After they pay back the honey business, then make them work during the whole summer doing labor for them.)

  2. Speaking of bees, my daughter showed up with organic honey.
    How the hell do they know? Bee GPS, somebody follows the bee around?
    As a person who has tilted that “organic” windmill, getting certified is hard, I finally went with best practice, way easier to certify.

  3. We just had a massive vandalism to an elementary school in our county, 3 kids all around 13 were arrested. And we’ve had some car thieves around that age. Unbelievable how young the kids are getting into serious crime…

  4. Miserable little fucks. They ought to be beaten senseless, and then their parents. Then extract the entire $60,000 from these stupid asses.

  5. I’ll never forget throwing rocks at a hive when I was six years old. Instant justice…a bee stung me right on my ear which stood out straight for two days. Woooo..that hurt. One would think that would have turned me away from devilment; one would be wrong.

  6. Ummm, Larry, snow on the ground, I doubt the delinquents were brown.
    Now, that’s racist, just like thinking they cannot learn. The crown jewel of the Dept. of Ed.
    They cannot get an ID to vote, Progs are full to the brim with racism.

  7. I was one of those little shitbags at the age of eleven.
    Went into a farmer’s corn field and took ears of corn off the stalks and was throwing them at my brothers and they in turn threw some at me. Some fun.
    We were seen.
    Mom took all of our piggy banks, marched us to the farmer’s house, we told him what we did, apologized and gave him all of our money. He didn’t want it, Mom insisted.
    The worst was yet to come when Dad came home.
    Looking back I think the anticipation of what was to come was nearly as painful as the whoopin’ we got.

    I gave up shitbaggery at eleven

  8. 30 G’s from the public is nothing to sneeze at however, it takes years to set that system up and operating, even with $60 grand to replace it, it’s still a loss.

    Those brats should work every summer until they are 18 doing some payback somewhere.

    Good think I never got caught smashing all those mailboxes.

  9. Lefties like Larry are all for Sharia Law, how bout we cut off a hand of each of the little shit birds and also their worthless parents!

  10. @larrythelightskinnedliberal: I don’t see anywhere in the comments where race was mentioned, so are you just assuming that the perps were non-Caucasian? Sounds kinda rayciss to me, Lar.


  11. The parents now have to open their checkbooks and the little tykes get to spend the next two summers working for the beekeeper for free. Maybe the parents will learn a little more about raising kids and not hooligans and the hooligans will learn about responsibility and character.

  12. I think a handful of bees put down the front of their undies right next to their nasty wee 12 and 13 year old stingers might get their attention.

    And total compensation plus emotional damages are a requirement.

    Why are some kids such snots?

    BVDs wit


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