Forever 21 Pulls Shirt Because of Complaints of Nazi Symbols

See it?  It’s right there in front of you.  In fact, Nazi symbols are all over this shirt,  you just have to be sophisticated enough to see it like the two California knuckleheads who complained and got Forever 21 to withdraw the design.





25 Comments on Forever 21 Pulls Shirt Because of Complaints of Nazi Symbols

  1. Good thing Hillary didn’t win. If you take HC, we know the H is like an 8, and the C is almost an 8, we have 88 which is the same as HH or Heil Hitler.

    bunch of whack jobs.

  2. Oh, I can see now.
    88, which is code for ochenta y ocho, is the key to the Nazi symbols planted on this design to manipulate young minds into liking Trump (who is obviously the Devil).
    Lightning bolts simultaneously reference the Nazi Gestapo, and folks have reported that it also is reverse-code for battery charging icons which as we all know is double-secret-code for alt-right oppression of those who struggle with access to power.
    Adding that Jew star is just another slap in the face of those who say: “Wow, just wow” and ask to see the manager after being triggered by images considered offensive by some.

  3. My head just hurts when I read something like this. Everytime I think a retailer will stand up to the bullying from the left something like this happens. Those aren’t SS runes. The SS design has only one zag (the horizontal stroke) while the design clearly has two. I’ve seen that bolt design everywhere whereas the SS rune (for obvious reasons) is pretty limited. As pointed out elsewhere the 88 could mean a whole pile of things and you have to wonder why they just didn’t ask the designer. When is the California seaboard going to follow the script and sink into the sea.

  4. It also has the numbers “12 5 58 89” on it. I wonder what that’s code for? I also note there’s always a five pointed star right above that lightening bolt next to the 88. Explanation, please?

  5. So. I’m a Dale Jr fan. Apparently he’s a Nazi and so am I for wearing his gear? SMH. When I see shit like this I just want to crawl into a cave, armed to the teeth and well stocked with bacon, beef jerky, and Jack Daniel’s, just to wait for the end. How much longer can this world last?

  6. “12 5 58 89” is code for “Obola is a cock-sucking, ass-licking, rump-ranging Nazi ass-clown who tried to destroy America and just narrowly failed.”
    (you could look it up)

    izlamo delenda est …

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