Former NYT Journalist Claims Donald Trump Jr. Was Abusive Towards Women When He Was 3-Years-Old

Big Journalism: Journalist Virginia Heffernan has accused Donald Trump Jr. of being abusive towards women when he was just a three-year-old.

Responding to a snarky tweet from Bloomerg’s Steven Dennis, where the left-wing reporter taunted Trump Jr. over his “slick” hair, Heffernan, a former staffer for Politico and the New York Times, dropped the bombshell that as a three-year-old, Trump Jr. responded with a “F^ck you, bitch” after a teacher named Anna asked him to move his mat.  According to Heffernan, the experience was so traumatic, Anna “quit teaching forever at the end of that year.”   Read more



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  1. She seems to be a lot of “former” when it comes to jobs. In any event I always thought that kids of the President were off limits. They were for Democrat Presidents and somewhat less so for Republican but apparently not at all for these types, the smarmy, smug limo libs who believe they are so witty. Even if what Heffernan said is true I’ll bet the teacher has heard a lot worse and if she resigned because of the emotional distress it caused then maybe she shouldn’t have been a teacher lest she decide to come to work some day with a meat cleaver to correct the little nippers.

  2. Oops, I seemed to have buggered up my comment. The story appears to refer to President Trump when he was three. Outside the part about the kids of the President being off limits the rest still stands though.

  3. @scr_north (at 12:34 pm): No, actually I believe you were correct the first time.

    Still ridiculous either way. And what if it did happen? Three-year-olds are liable to say anything. Are we now judging people by what they said at that age? Any normal person would laugh at such an utterance. In private, right after they swatted somebody’s butt for saying it, that is.


  4. And I’m willing to bet that you can find evidence that she was crapping in her diapers and panties at age three. STOP THE PRESSES. BREAKING NEWS!

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