Artist Shamus Coughlin tries to post a new educational animation on current events every week. It’s sort of a School House Rock for libertarians. I’ve watched a few and have enjoyed them.

Here’s a recent on a favorite rhetorical ploy used by the left when they are losing an argument.  Watch

5 Comments on FreedomToons

  1. I watched a few of these, but “Support Gun Control You Child Hating Bigot!!” resulted in a beer-spewed monitor. Good work!

  2. There went the last hour of my day. Better go plug in the tablet for the hours i will waste watching more of them tonight. I guess i should say thanks because they are very good, but man is my wife going to be mad at you!!!!

  3. His closed-captioned subtitles are being written by his enemies. His website pops up with the bogus Malicious Pornographic Spyware Warning. A Bing search of “freedom toons” comes up with a .org site in the first 5 items that redirects to a personal loan website. Surprisingly, a Google search of “freedom toons” isn’t bad at all.


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