Ireland’s Che Stamp Is Highly Coveted

October 13, 2017 1

Two criteria as to why the stamp came about. 1. It’s representative of Ireland in the world. 2. Heightens international awareness of Ireland. Tags: TheBigOwe


October 13, 2017 3

Countries like Sweden, France, UK and Germany have accepted many migrants, particularly non-European males. To some extent that is also the case with the U.S., Canada, and Australia. For instance, the Swedish economist Jan Tullberg has asserted that Sweden now has 125,000 males for every [Read More]

Fmr. Obama Senior Adviser Calls for Gun Confiscation

October 12, 2017 8

Dan Pfeiffer, a former senior adviser to President Barack Obama, called for the United States to implement an Australian-style gun confiscation program in an article published Wednesday. Tags: democrats, gun control

Ann Coulter on Vegas

October 12, 2017 4

An does a good job of illustrating how asinine the media narrative on Paddock is. ““NBC News reports, with a straight face: “Las Vegas gunman earned millions as a gambler.” A Los Angeles Times article is headlined, “In the solitary world of video poker, Stephen [Read More]

F18 flyby Death Valley

October 11, 2017 4

Hiking in Death Valley today and we were able to film some F18 training. I wish the sound would have been able to be represented. Tags: Frank

America Mag Interviews Milo – PJ

October 11, 2017 3

I love Milo. His honesty here was just too much for the Jesuits to print. Tags: Jesuit, milo

Fly the Commie Skies!

October 11, 2017 4

Plan for your dream trip to the Soviet Union inspired by this promo for Aeroflot, circa 1970 Tags: Aeroflot, Soviet Union

Conservative Leaders Demand New GOP Senate Leadership

October 11, 2017 1

“Far from helping President Trump drain the swamp, McConnell has revealed himself to be an anti-conservative leader of the Washington establishment and protector of the swamp, who is silent as Democrats expand government, rushing us towards a socialist America.” Tags: failed leadership, McConnel

Blinded By Sciency

October 11, 2017 4

Some sciency sciencists in Zurich decided to science who was more selfish: men, or women. So they got themselves some test subjects…”The researchers based their research on a sample of 55 participants – 27 identifying as female, 28 as male.” Tags: Thirdtwin

Bannon Attacks! – Czar of Defenestration

October 10, 2017 1

Bannon will back primary challenges against EVERY Republican running for Senate re-election next year except Cruz. At first, he focused only on Sens. Jeff Flake, R-Ariz., Dean Heller, R-Nev., and Roger Wicker, R-Miss. Bannon’s main aim is to elect enough pro-Trump GOP senators to oust [Read More]

Why We Cannot Trust the FBI By Pamela Geller

October 10, 2017 3

The FBI is discounting ISIS’ claim that the Las Vegas attack was jihad. But is the FBI really trustworthy? Steven Paddock made numerous trips to the Middle East. Over 200 of his foreign financial transactions were flagged for possible “covert terrorism financing.” So I ask [Read More]

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