James Woods Has a Question About This Soros/McCain picture

July 28, 2017 BFH 27

Meanwhile which one is the "top" and which one the "bottom?" pic.twitter.com/xQCUp8CrJi — James Woods (@RealJamesWoods) July 28, 2017 Also, from his timeline- Bill Kristol‏-Verified account I am a McCain Republican. Bill, you misspelled "Democrat." https://t.co/aW27lrRKHz — James Woods (@RealJamesWoods) July 28, 2017

Pelosi thanks McCain for killing Obamacare repeal

July 28, 2017 MJA 14

AM: Birds of a political feather flock together. That was obvious on Friday when House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi singled out Sen. John McCain for praise after the Senate failed to repeal Obamacare the night before. “I know it was a late night last night, [Read More]

She’s The Terror of Antwerp Boulevard

July 28, 2017 BFH 12

A 79 year-old granny was busted for going 148 MPH in Belgium. Motor1- Friends, you should respect your elders. They’ve seen things, they know things, and often times they’re quite forthright about saying so. That’s what this 79 year-old lady did last year in a courtroom [Read More]

CA: Dissolve corpses to fight climate change

July 28, 2017 MJA 32

KFI: California is all about fighting climate change these days, and our lawmakers want you to keep the fight going even after you’re dead. Assemblyman Todd Rex Gloria (D-San Diego) has introduced Assembly Bill 967, known as “Human remains disposal: alkaline hydrolysis: licensure and regulation.” If it [Read More]

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