A Banana Peel is Racist!

A student, eating a banana, was walking through the Ole Miss campus. He couldn’t find a trash can so he threw the peel and it landed on a tree trunk. Along came a black sorority bigwig and she FREAKED out and reported it. Now, all the Greek events have been canceled. My husband went to Ole Miss (all the way through med school) and he has watched as they got rid of the confederate flag, playing Dixie, and their mascot (Col. Reb). Now, they still are The Rebels but their mascot is the Black Bear (racist much??). Their coach has been fired for hiring prostitutes and the team is on probation. Seriously, this is all too much. BAN BANANAS and cotton.

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  1. So if you eat a banana, should you find the nearest black person and ask them “what do you want to do with this”???

    I just don’t understand what they want!

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