Ann Coulter on Vegas

An does a good job of illustrating how asinine the media narrative on Paddock is.
““NBC News reports, with a straight face: “Las Vegas gunman earned millions as a gambler.” A Los Angeles Times article is headlined, “In the solitary world of video poker, Stephen Paddock knew how to win.” The story says that Paddock’s gambling “was at least a steady income over a period of years.”
I don’t know all the ins and outs of Paddock’s life, but that’s a lie.””

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4 Comments on Ann Coulter on Vegas

  1. “Congratulations, Mr. Paddock! You’ve reached Excelsior Double Plus YoudaMandalay Level, with an upgrade to unlimited, unescorted service elevator access!”

    What a load of shit. Ben Rhodes’ 27 year old journos/uber drivers may swallow that, but please don’t try to get it by me.

  2. Well, the story about Paddock being skilled at deceiving people; family, girlfriend other close friend, due to his finely honed skill at keeping a poker face just went up in smoke too. No need for a convincing poker face playing video poker.

  3. But “they” said that if I played long enough, I could win big money!

    “They” said if I liked my doctor, I could keep my doctor!

    “They” said if I paid more taxes, I’d have more money left in my pocket!

    “They” couldn’t have lied to me! The FCC would have sued them. “They” said so.

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