Best guitar riff

2:40 – 3:05 is my vote
I love rock and roll..
any thoughts on other contenders I could add to my playlist?
Smoke on the water has such a great background riff but then in the middle comes this beauty.
I have a vintage set of cornerhorns and love to crank them to almost concert levels to back off at the end of a hard day.
My current go to playlist:
Rock and Roll ain’t Noise Pollution
Smoke on the water
Barracuda- Gretchen Wilson version
Locomotive Breath
VooDoo Child – Kenny Wayne Shepherd version non vocal
It’s Been While
Enter Sandman
You Really Got Me (in order)
Bad Motor Scooter
Hair of the Dog
Cult of Personality
Carry on My Wayward Son
Magic Carpet Ride

Any thoughts? Fur has had a lot of music polls in the past, I am just looking for things that I know and love but can’t remember that I need to add..LOL

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10 Comments on Best guitar riff

  1. A Best Riff list that doesn’t start with Day Tripper, I Feel Fine, and Ticket To Ride?
    Not to mention, Rain, Hey Bulldog, You Can’t Do That, etc, etc…
    C’mon, now folks. These are the riffs that put riffs on the map.

  2. Riff, lead break (solo) or jam?
    There are countless riffs that can serve as frameworks for elaboration or improvisation.
    A short list of talented soloists might include Clapton, Gilmour, Martin Barre, Buck Dharma, Duane Allman. There are scads of others.
    Masters of the lengthy jam are the Grateful Dead.
    The Allman Bros. and Pink Floyd were also known to jam on occasion.

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