Beware Barnes and Noble Membership

B&N just took money out of my bank account UNAUTHORIZED. Last Sept I bought a membership w/a debit card. Just saw my bank account and they took out money for a 2017 renewal. Checked my membership and I specifically DID NOT sign up for automatic membership renewal and debits.

I called corporate and apparently I am not the only one they did this to. They were not supposed to retain my information or bill me. They were supposed to send me an e-mail regarding membership expiring which they did not do.

Result – they are deleting my card information, closing the membership and refunding my money in 2 MONTHS. Yes, I am shouting. !@#$%! them.
B&N just lost my business permanently.

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  1. Because there is no article to read. I am ranting….

    Called the bank fraud dept and B&N must return money within 15 days according to their agreement with Visa. If there is no refund by day 16 the bank will refund and pursue B&N.
    2 months is unacceptable.

  2. I never would buy a card from them. In my mind, they went wrong with it. Borders’ card was free, and I used it frequently. Until they went belly-up, that is. Wonder how much a float B&N got out of this scam? Certainly not worth the good will they lost over it.

  3. I had no idea they were still around! A lot of them closed out west.
    Got tired of their crap when they began hiding and refusing to re-order pro-life, conservative, Christian art or non-liberal slanted self-help books as they were being promoted for sale.

    Thanks for the warning anyway.

  4. I was in B&N a couple of months ago and asked the Info Guy about a book they didn’t have on the shelf. About 10 minutes later I was way in the back of the store looking over a book I ended up buying. The Info Guy came around the corner and said, “Oh, there you are! I was looking for you to tell you about our rewards program… blah, blah, blah.”

  5. Ah ha ha ha. I spoke to a very pleasant man in my bank’s claims department several hours ago. He sent an inquiry to B&N about why they were not following the appropriate refund time frame of 15 days and why they processed an unapproved withdrawal.

    Just received an apology e-mail from B&N regarding their ‘mistake’ (deliberate in my mind). Refund to be issued within 5 days.

    I loved our Border’s and the Doubleday before that. I always found what a wanted and the employees were top notch. I have never felt comfortable in the closest B&N. That includes the coffee shop where the employees always look at you as though you have passed gas under noses.

    I much prefer the 2nd hand book store, staffed by volunteers, that funds adult literacy and ESL programs. After that, Abe Books and Amazon since I have a Kindle.
    Thanks for reading my rant. I think I’ll go get happy with a chug-a-lug of Scotch.

  6. B&N is a nice store, but way overpriced. I have only purchased deeply discounted and more than likely discontinued books. If I go into a B&N I look around and then order online from other vendors.

  7. … & that’s why I call all my credit card companies at the beginning of each year & insist they block my existing credit card & issue me new ones w/ new #’s
    … any company that have my cc #’s no longer have them … problem solved

    … your welcome

  8. This practice isn’t confined to Barnes and Noble. Most gyms will argue with you and insist on monthly dues automatically being taken out of your account while you’re insisting on paying one full year in cash (or debit/credit) in advance with no renewal option. Usually it’s because that when you decide to cancel after four or five months the payments keep coming out of your account for another few months while they ignore the first couple of complaints then promise to look into it and finally it will stop after four or five which is usually not enough for someone to go to court about. Then you have to watch your account very carefully for the next few months or a year beause sometimes the withdrawels start up again because of a “system error” and that’s usually good for another couple of months. The only way to stop this is to simply offer to pay for a year and when they finish expaining why it’s a good idea to do monthly automatic payments thank them and start to walk out. That usually works.

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