Catching Up: Two Excellent Videos for the Weekend ~AA

On Friday, if I haven’t had a chance to listen earlier in the week, I spend my early hours playing 4 suite spider solitaire and listening to as many policy wonks and other important speeches that I missed. Some are predictable, many have surprising bits of info.

The linked video at CTH is USTR Robert Lighthizer discussing the status of various US trade agreements, (the history of trade under various presidents is highlighted), and President Trump’s views as well as his own. It’s a down-in-the-weeds, wonkish look at some of the problems under old agreements and gives a great insight to the problems of trade with China and others.

This link (below) is Secy of State Rex Tillerson responding mainly to questions about NoKo, Syria, etc. I cannot say how much I admire this SoS and his ability to command our ship of state. You’ll get a laugh out of one of his responses to a typical lunkhead who doesn’t understand national security.

There was also a press briefing this week by Steve Mnunchin on the specifics of Trump’s EO on trade restrictions that is worth listening to. It’s on CTH/YT as well.

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