Cruz Am Disappoint – Czar of Defenestration

The Honorable Senator from the great State of Texas has withdrawn his support of Alabama Republican candidate for Senate, Roy Moore.


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  1. Another one who is in the law business who can’t remember “innocent before proven guilty”.
    Is this what the R’s are doing now? Trash someone with a 3 bimbo minimum assault case and we throw them under the bus? I rag on GHW Bush because it is common knowledge he was ass-grabbing and the family admitted it. There’s no admission on Moore’s part for anything. The second he does, if he ever does, then game on. Take his ass to court, do whatever. You have my blessing. But until that ever happens. STFU.

  2. TO MJA

    Yeah, if *nothing* else,
    what gets me is the
    “attacking your own side” aspect of it.

    Have we EVER experienced that
    from the Dems…?
    I know of NONE…
    …though it MAY have happened
    once the Dems realized they had NO OTHER OPTION…
    …and then I suspect they’d go “Full Stalin”
    erasing all history. But I don’t know of a single occurrence.


  3. They did it for about 2 days for Virginia after the Dem released that shitty white guy in the truck running down minorities video ad. “that’s racist!” the dems cried. And then they got over and started calling the Republican an evil white boy who probably WOULD run over minority children. Dem elites have a short and tight chain on their bitches.

  4. TO MJA
    I know what you’re referring to, but that was all “cosmetic” (for the cameras), and not to actually take him down…I think you’d agree. THAT’S what’s happening, unfortunately, with Moore.

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