F18 flyby Death Valley

Hiking in Death Valley today and we were able to film some F18 training.

I wish the sound would have been able to be represented.

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  1. Dang Frank that is too cool. About 20 years ago a bunch of us were four wheeling in some canyons outside Fallon Nevada and had a couple F15’s hauling ass through the canyons. Scared the shit out of all of us. Awesome video. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks Brad, It was really cool. I immediately thought of 13 Hours and how the CIA had begged for just a low altitude flyover during one of the attacks on the CIA compound. I never really had a full understanding of what the effect of that would have been until today.

  3. That reminds me of something my friend experienced years ago. We had a Blue Angels air show in town and the day before, they were doing practice runs. My friend was starting to walk down the stairs from the top floor of her house when one of the jets flew overhead at a very low altitude. She said she didn’t hear it until it was just overhead. Her instinct was to hit the deck and cower! I just wish I could have seen it.

  4. @ Frank. Two months ago I had the same thoughts about how Benghazi would have been a lot different when for a couple of weeks straight every day, day light and after dark, fighter planes were doing training over the Evers Military Operations Area.

    They would fly through mountain valleys, follow a high altitude flight path then repeat the same path at low altitude. Sounded like they were going to land on the roof if you were inside.

    I thought how scary that would be if on the ground with a real possibility they might light up the ground with ordinance. Very impressive.

    On two days their ground crews were parked at the Green Bank Radio Astronomy Observatory, who said they do telemetry measurements on their flights and that the pilots were doing intensive training before being deployed soon.

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