Federal vacates FAA drone registration requirement

So, you no longer to beg the Feds for permission to annoy your neighbors with a small drone.

I wonder if there is one that can drop water balloons? I mean, just out of curiosity.

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4 Comments on Federal vacates FAA drone registration requirement

  1. I’m fine with that. Seemed like the quickest over-reach of regulation to come along in years.

    I’ve heard of people getting in trouble for shooting down drones over their own property. That needs to be cleared up. You are trespassing even if you aren’t touching the ground.

    Try it over the White House and see if the Feds agree with me or not.

    You fly over my property – it very well may be mine before the day is over. Probably with a few shot pellets added to it for flair.

  2. Dad, far as I know you own the airspace over your property up to five hundred feet AGL. The feds do exert their reach above that altitude.

  3. Makes sense, Lowell. I think the stories I’ve read that bothered me were well below 500 ft and privately owned. Specifically meaning to lay eyes on the property for whatever reason. Like getting footage of a hunting club’s dove hunt and peeping-tom type endeavors.

    I never would consider any commercial or police effort way up there to be an intrusion.

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