Fmr. Obama Senior Adviser Calls for Gun Confiscation

Dan Pfeiffer, a former senior adviser to President Barack Obama, called for the United States to implement an Australian-style gun confiscation program in an article published Wednesday.

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8 Comments on Fmr. Obama Senior Adviser Calls for Gun Confiscation

  1. Pfeiffer stated, “Democratic politicians have been brainwashed by political hacks like me ….. ”

    He left out the operative words “Progressive Socialist” hacks like me.

    Pfeiffer is representative of the types of key appointments and hires that were made in the DOJ, ATF, FBI, Dept. of State, DHS, Security Council, IRS, and every other Federal Agency, Board and Commission.
    Few of which have been identified, moved, terminated or replaced.

    Call it the deep state, swamp or by any other name, the enemy of the Republic is within the gates.

  2. Pfeiffer literally looks like a pig. His nose curls up into a snout with flaring nostrils that could find a truffle under a dumptruck of horseshit.

    But, yea. “Former” Obama adviser. LOL, ok.

    When I’m #Kangz, that lying fuck would be one of the first against the wall.

  3. Disarm the guys who protect him, first.
    Then all the Armed Gangs.
    Then the SS and the Capitol Police.
    Then the Armed Forces.
    Then the Local Police Forces.

    Then the citizens.

    These things must be done in order, to be effective.

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. Will he be at the doors trying to pry them from our warm, live hands?

    I thought not.

    Foolish tyrannical coward.

    To borrow from Sally Fields: He hates you! He really hates you!

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