German Soccer Bus Blast Investigation Turns Crazy

Explosives from the Germany military, and now, a right-wing group is taking credit for the attack. But the police aren’t looking away from TheMuzz. How’s that campaign for re-election going Merkel?

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  1. I call FALSE FLAG on this one. JUST LIKE overseas Frenchmen *UNEXPECTEDLY* are able to VOTE TWICE (against Le Pen…nudge nudge wink wink), this is clearly a move to beat down AfD (Alternative for Germany).

    EXCERPTS FROM YOUR ARTICLE: ”Prosecutors are investigating whether right-wing extremists MAY have bombed a football team bus in Germany and then attempted to frame Islamists. …

    A third claim has now been sent to the German newspaper Tagesspiegel, from a far-right group claiming it was behind the triple bombing in Dortmund and threatening further attacks. …

    The anonymous email included references to Adolf Hitler and railed against multiculturalism, saying the bombing was the “last warning” before “coloured blood will flow” on 22 April.”

    Before blood will flow. UH HUH. RIIIIIIIIIIIGHT. Because THAT will have NO impact on the election, right?!? BULL.

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