Great Twitter Thread – Dadof4

Democrats for Trump @YoungDems4Trump posted A Family Feud style picture withy this on it – “Name something you find in a Trump supporter’s home”

They kicked it off with the first answer:

1. Dad

Surely we can have some fun with this one…

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  1. AA. I’m cool with that. They may not be Dems anymore anyway. Also, it’s a moniker that may give other Dems pause to consider doing the same.

    If not named something like that, it would hide what happened for them and wouldn’t have much draw on people like themselves.

    I ask myself, what would it take to get the Dem party out of it’s communistic path and back to the days of JFK?

    A name like this has the chance of inspiring thought and reflection on what has become of the Dem party.

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