Louis C.K. is a filthy pervert

Louis C.K. is literally Hitler…with a boner. Dude an not keep it in his pants and whips it out in front of coworkers.

For like…… years. I do so hope you enjoy his comedic stylings as this allegation will cause a great deal of angst and tear stained letters to dear Abby.

Personally I’ve never liked this troglodyte and had him pegged as some sort of preevert what abuses God’s gift to us all. IN PUBLIC. Well, technically he locks the door before whipping it out, but clearly, this is a spawn of satan and probably owns a majority in most of satans subsidiary holdings.

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  1. I don’t think he actually denied the accusations outright but rather said they were just rumours. CK has been funny at times but lost me when he went after Palin for no other reason then she was a conservative and running for VP. The piece from the HUFFnPUFF Post actually ratchets up the pressure on this dick.

  2. oh yeah, I also saw his appearance on Jerry Seinfeld’s very funny “Comedians in cars getting coffee” show. They were on this asshole’s boat. Just from a few camera shots I can tell he is not a good mariner. He has more money than brains…which means he is a typical LibTard.

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