PSA Amazon Sting Op – Czar of Defenestration has been exposed to be selling illegal FULL AUTO gun parts in an ATF sting to convict its customers with felony crimes.

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  1. Since there is such a thing as an Airsoft Glock, how is this an illegal thing?

    If they send you a part to make an actual Glock full-auto, isn’t that on Amazon for selling them illegally? That’s not what it is advertised as, so you are innocent of even intent to buy something for a real Glock.

    I’m thinking someone has skipped that detail when getting worked up over this. Looks like a moron’s problem of not understanding that an Airsoft Glock is not a real Glock.

  2. That’s what lends intial credence here, but the facts as they are say otherwise.

    Verifying is exactly what’s missing. That writer either got lazy or wanted to see how foolish some people could be.

    Even the commenters at the gun blog have noticed this error.

    Common sense says to believe what it is supposed to be – not the confused commenters on Amazon jumping to that conclusion. Which is the only source for this accusation. Contrary to what listing says the product is.

    I think the confusion comes from the wording in the title. They took it to mean an Airsoft part will make a real Glock full-auto.

    But really, use some common sense there too. Like some Airsoft part would really do that for a genuine Glock.

    As it is. It’s a misunderstood nothing burger caused by some confused commenters.

    Whomever buys this story needs to realize they, and the gun blog’s writer, are pinning this completely on some Amazon commenters, not on any arrests made from it and certainly not from the listing itself.

    I’ll bet a whole dollar a correction and mea culpa comes along if the writer wants to have a good reputation for himself and that blog. Otherwise, he just shot himself in the foot and is letting it bleed all over the place instead of fixing it.

    Personally, I wouldn’t give much weight to that blog if a correction and explanation of how he chose to believe it doesn’t happen.

    Like I said, I think the confusion comes from separating the word Glock like it does in the title. A first glance, without further examination, it pushes you that way. A clearer title would be something like: “This part will make your Airsoft Glock full auto.”

    Common sense and scrutiny go a long way here.

    Like the fact Amazon would be guilty of selling the part illegally. You could get them busted if they sent you a real part that does that. That was another erroneous jump made – a backwards one on who the criminal would really be in this case.

    A touch of paranoia may help in assuming the worst here. They tend to see problems where there aren’t any. I’ve seen that up close and personal and this isn’t any different, really.

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