Stephen Paddock — War of the Worlds Redux

Here is the motive for Stephen Paddock’s mass murder spree. Eric Paddock clearly describes how his brother was radicalized and by whom, exactly, he was radicalized. He warns us that if his brother could be pushed over the edge, then “any of us” could be pushed to that point and “then we’re all in trouble!”

Whoa! He said a mouth full!

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  1. Uncle Al — ISIS and the global Left are two sides of the same coin. Strange bedfellows, but symbiotic. You are probably familiar with the National Socialists Workers’ party and their partnership with Islam in parts of the ME in WWII. Each are receiving benefit from the others’ goals. It’s simply “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

    But the specific point here is that the Left is definitely pushing radicalization. Antfa, Black Bloc before them, the mislabeled “anarchists”, and, obviously, the entire spectrum of Left-controlled propaganda organs: academy, media, Hollywood (and music industry), etc.

    No one in media spent any time illuminating the Left’s radicalization of James Hodgkinson, but there it was. And antifa has been pushing for the normalization of violence as a proper and preemptive response to what they call Trumpism.

  2. Uncle Al — One other thing: Why would a West Point cadet express support for Communism and Che-styled dictatorship while being “mentored” by a muslim professor? Because the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

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