Suspected CIA Traitor Arrested At JFK

January 17, 2018 Dr. Tar 8

Former CIA official, Jerry Chun Shing Lee, 53 was arrested yesterday at JFK Airport upon his entry into the country from Hong Kong. A naturalized citizen, Lee had worked for the agency for 13 years until resigning in 2007 over displeasure at his advancement within the agency. Lee is [Read More]

Possibly the Coolest Car Known To Man

January 17, 2018 Dr. Tar 32

One look at the Highland Green 1968 Mustang GT and you know you’re standing in front of a movie legend. The Steve McQueen “Bullitt” Mustang has resurfaced and is again on public view, along side Ford’s 2019 Mustang that was inspired by the original. One of two used in the movie, the model [Read More]

How to make college students into neurotic basket cases

January 17, 2018 MJA 8

College Fix: Make them tattle on each other for utterly harmless nonsense Williams College in Williamstown, Massachusetts, has taken a novel approach to fostering intra-campus harmony: it encourages students to report “bias incidents” such as signs “color-coded pink for girls and blue for boys.” You’re not [Read More]

The San Francisco Treat

January 17, 2018 MJA 21

The other day, we had a story about public defecation world-wide. Today, I thought we’d bring it closer to home- well, not TOO close, and tell you a story about San Francisco’s public defecation problem. (I know. I’m shocked, too.) There’s even an interactive map [Read More]

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