The Upside Is The Dead Are Muslims

Bonus pics of rescue dogs in protective doggie booties.

I won’t pretend to care that a group of muslims died horribly in a fire. It’s a good start.

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  1. Since muzzies hate dogs and kill them, a la the pedophile mohamhead, the search dogs should not be used. Maybe some search rats would work.

  2. The Grenfell apt. bldg. was a government subsidized mess under
    semi-private ownership in one of
    the richest areas of London.
    Naturally, the Muslims got top
    choice and filled the building. Ooops.

  3. This is the only time that Muzzies come out to protest — when they think that they are the victims. After decades of Muslim violence and terrorism on Western civilization, with thousands of Europeans and Americans dead, tortured or raped – nary a peep.

  4. They’re having protests over this in London.

    They sound like they are all suffering from pyrophobia. Only a small fraction of fires incinerate people, but these protestors are unfairly painting all fires as dangerous.

    I invite all leftists in the UK to take the petrol-road flare challenge, and fight pyrophobia – by dousing themselves in petrol and then igniting a road flare.

  5. You’re all missing something. It looks like a large number of the victims are Muslims, but where’s the outrage in the press about this? It’s all aimed at the guy who killed one Muslim with his van

    Guess it’s not a tragedy when Muslims are killed by the well intentioned stupidities of the goodthinkers

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