Want to drive 30 more miles? Pay up sucker

Anyone stupid enough to buy a Tesla gets deserves this crap.
Cheap Tesla’s have the same battery as an expensive Tesla but programming limits access to 20% of the battery capacity. If you want full access to your battery shell ou $6,000.
As I said if you are stupid enough to buy this POS you get what’s coming to you.

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6 Comments on Want to drive 30 more miles? Pay up sucker

  1. Remember, peasants, thanks to the Not Bribery™ of “your” government by imaginary property “owners,” fixing it yourself is at least one federal crime, while hiring someone else to fix it adds two more.

  2. Taking planned obsolescence to the next level. In-your-face denial of use of something you own.

    I will suggest programming as a study choice for my grandchildren. Stuff like this raises it to a survival skill.

  3. And the company is lauded as if they were helping people. I don’t wish for bad things to happen to somebody but this is the kind of nonsense that gets the pants sued off of any normal company.

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