What CNN Thinks Happened in 1968

Get a load of what CNN thinks were among the most significant events in 1968: an interracial kiss on Star Trek, Boeing delivers its first 747, U.S. athletes raise fists during our national anthem. CNN also describes the Tet Offensive, the last gasp of an almost defeated North Vietnam, as “a wake-up call for Americans back home, who began withdrawing their support for the war.”

Meanwhile, CNN *fails* to include the Democratic National Convention in Chicago and its street riots, and the riots and burning in American cities following the assassination of Martin Luther King.

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  1. December 21, 1968 First human-crewed spaceflight to, and orbit of, another celestial object: the Moon
    First human spaceflight that escaped Earth’s influence.

    Also, I graduated from high school and THAT was important!

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