Best guitar riff

August 12, 2017 9

2:40 – 3:05 is my vote I love rock and roll.. any thoughts on other contenders I could add to my playlist? Smoke on the water has such a great background riff but then in the middle comes this beauty. I have a vintage set [Read More]

Princeton $60K yearly! Where is the refund department?

August 11, 2017 0

This is what 60 grand a year gets you in the philosophy department at Princeton. This is the kind of crap that gets passed off as intellectual argument these days. “Among early fetuses, there are two very different kinds of beings,” she claimed. “So, James, [Read More]

Made in America via South Dakota

August 1, 2017 1

Nice story on the person from South Dakota who was chosen to attend the Trumps Made In America showcase. It strikes me that all those folks were expected to provide their own travel. MAGA Tags: Frank

Not Freddie Mercury but Siri gives it her best

July 28, 2017 2

Say to SIRI – “I see a little sillouetto of a man” and let the fun begin! She is just a poor assistant, no body loves her. If you have an Apple product with Siri you have to try this. Tags: Frank

What sex is a tranny seal?

July 26, 2017 2

I cannot tell male seals from female seals. Apparently the army couldn’t tell either. From the article: during her time in the service, when she kept her gender identity a secret So does that mean she was a girl seal or a boy seal. National [Read More]