Sanctuary California covers up status of cop killer, others

January 15, 2018 MJA 6

FRONTPAGE: “Combative” Mohammed Abraar Ali Killed Police Officer Andrew Camilleri.  A Christmas story postscript in sanctuary Criminalfornia. On Christmas Eve, California Highway Patrol officers Andrew Camilleri and Jonathan Velasquez were patrolling the Bay Area for drunk drivers when they pulled to the side of Interstate [Read More]

The Ladies vs. the Mullahs

January 15, 2018 MJA 6

American Thinker- No one knows her name, but a young Iranian woman waving a white scarf has become a symbol of almost forty years of struggle by Iranian women, protesting the gender apartheid that clerics brought to our country, overnight, in the winter of 1979.  She waved a [Read More]

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