Twitter Campaign Against Roy Moore

November 13, 2017 2

RINO twit has started a Twitter hashtag attack against Roy Moore. Her “witty” #MeAt 14 is now trending among the stupid including Hollyweird morons. Tags: Ninetyninth Squad Leader

Black Farmer Not Coexisting with Progressives

May 24, 2017 0

Progressives. You can always count on them to reveal their true nature eventually. Black liberal leaning black farmer can’t take it anymore and calls out his tormentors – white, new money, progressive women. Tags: Ninetyninth Squad Leader

Granny Don’t Play Dat

September 15, 2016 1

Senior wheelchair bound streetwise spitfire 86 year-old responds like a warrior to the idiot who robbed her. Saucy language, but worth it given the circumstances. WORKING LINK: Tags: Ninetyninth Squad Leader

Zipper Merge Study

August 4, 2016 3

Tantalizing concept with the promise to make one wonder exactly what is a “zipper merge” study. Alas dear readers, it’s not what you may think it is. Local progressive transpotation departments are experimenting with a new merge sign. You guessed it – motorists are totally [Read More]

Mad Dogs and Feminists

April 12, 2016 3

The midday sun is not to blame for this kind of madness. A group of feminists have a new and improved, perverted tactic to intimidate a governor standing strong for the right to life. Tags: Ninetyninth Squad Leader

Barbecue with a Side of Sharia

February 7, 2016 2

This is sad, pathetic and ignorance on display. A Southern restaurant owner decided, like the Imam in Chief, that Muslims are being persecuted in the USA. Her solution was to put a sign outside her restaurant, scolding customers who support profiling the source of jihad. [Read More]

Book Learnin’ at Trump Rally

November 19, 2015 2

BLM hipster sympathizer attends a Trump rally in Springfield, Illinois. She reads a reads a leftist book, “Citizen” and texts while Trump speaks. She’s confronted by a couple and responds like a hoodrat. Black hipsters commentary of event; . Tags: Ninetyninth Squad Leader

Pumpkin Carving with Firearms

October 18, 2015 1

Yes, it is that time of year again for the combination of pumpkins and seasoned marksmanship. Enjoy! First video – Henry rifle Second video – AK 47 . Third video – Glock 21 . Special video . Tags: Ninetyninth Squad Leader

Ann Coulter Skewers The View

October 17, 2015 1

Ann Coulter is at her best attempting to coral the harpies on The View, recently. She was able to skewer one of the harpyettes, Raven Symone. As usual, Coulter was surrounded by mental midgets who only spouted leftist propaganda garbage. Note the Blaze title for [Read More]

Slugger Mooch – 99th Squad Leader

October 12, 2015 4

First Hatey working out issues while christening the submarine Illinois. She’s got a mean swing. Someone should sign her up with one of the baseball franchises. Scary and hilarious video. Working Link: Tags: Ninetyninth Squad Leader

Have a Nice Trip

September 10, 2015 1

Oh the horror! Hungarian camera woman trips invader and his emotion baiting son who are running from police. It’s reported she was fired – yeah right. Tags: Ninetyninth Squad Leader