Texas: Jailed jihadi freed

December 15, 2017 MJA 2

Jihad Watch: “Just released from federal prison after serving the better part of a decade behind bars for allegiances made with jihadi fighters in Somalia in 2009, convicted terrorist Mohamed Ibrahim Ahmed is now alleged to be providing support to the terrorist organization typically referred [Read More]

Trump – “We’re Going To Rebuild the FBI”

December 15, 2017 BFH 18

“Collusion was a democrat hoax and an excuse for losing the election.” “The investigation has found, however, that this election was rigged for Hillary Clinton, and we’ve never had anything like that before in this country.” – PDT

MeAgain Kelly up to her old tricks

December 15, 2017 MJA 17

American Thinker: Megyn Kelly Leads Renewed Targeting of Trump. The former Fox News Anchor and part-time lingerie model, now working at the network where Matt Laurer locked his doors when not prowling the halls, has once again taken the lead in portraying President Donald Trump [Read More]

It’s A Marshmallow World

December 15, 2017 MJA 6

  Record Swiss Snowfall. The canton of Valais experienced some of the heaviest December snowfall in years over the last few days, not just in the mountains but down to the valley floor. Sion, the cantonal capital, received a record 65cms (25 inches) of snow over [Read More]

Establishment Claus

December 15, 2017 BFH 19

Santa Claus, according to morons at the University of Minnesota, is a breach of the establishment clause. Meanwhile, Satan Claus wold be perfectly acceptable. IntellectualTakeout- Red and Green Colors ‘Not Appropriate’ During the Holiday Season, University Says The University of Minnesota cited Santa and ‘red [Read More]

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

December 15, 2017 MJA 12

  Monterrey Mexico covered in snow. The Metropolitan Area of ​​Monterrey awoke last Friday with several snow-covered municipalities, including García, Monterrey, San Pedro Garza García and Guadalupe. Almost a foot of snow in parts of Mexico “This article says it hasn’t snowed some of these [Read More]

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