Gas Station Encounters

A couple of guys running a Marathon Gas Station/Convenience Store have uploaded video of their encounters with thieves.

They do it as a service so people can see what the “turd burglars” (as they call them) look like, and also to spot the little tells and scams they pull.

One video perplexed me, and I’m not sure it’s legal. When they caught the guy they made him pay 3x the price because they threatened to call the police.

I’m not sure on that one. Any lawyers out there to explain if this is kosher?

The video above is pretty entertaining. After the guy is caught and thrown out he remarks that he “has more money than his whole family put together.” Meanwhile, he’s hoofing it down the highway. Pathetic.

I didn’t like seeing how many got away… for now. Obviously they’ve been caught on video.

Here’s their channel.

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  1. NY STATE Law a merchant can charge a shoplifters 3 time the purchase price for an item if they are caught in exchange for not pressing charges. Laws in other states vary

  2. Back in the day, my friends dad ran a gas station. He open carried a .45 on his hip and had a .38
    in his pocket.
    Ex military

  3. In the hood where I live the wackie-pakie
    store operators have built in “radar”
    in their heads.They can catch the colored
    children stealing candy every time…

  4. I worked midnight shift at a Shell station in college, 9pm till 5am on the weekends. It was a 24 hour station, the doors didn’t have locks. The scam at the time was to give 5 nappy kids each a 1 dollar food stamp, make them line up in front of the register to each buy a 1 cent piece of candy while I made 99 cents change for each of them. Meanwhile, the adults would roam the store and fill their pants. I’d let them take anything they wanted. I was making $4.35 per hour, unarmed, alone and white. Some of them would confront me with an item and say, “See dis here, I’ma takin it!” I’d respond with, “go right ahead!”

    Plus the lowlifes who would drive up, pump $1 of gas and drive off. Like thieving $1 in gas is somehow better than ripping off an entire tank. $1 of gas thieved was very common.

    I stopped at the station after a long night drive back to school about 2am. The doors were wide open, half the store was missing, the other half ransacked, and not a single person in sight. Gave myself a high five for quitting a few months prior.

  5. In Kentucky it would be illegal and is called Compounding a Crime (accepting a benefit in exchange for not reporting a crime). Basically blackmail.

  6. I worked for a supermarket chain in NY for many years. We had a VP that used to tell about his early days with another chain in the Albany area. He worked for a manager that would ask every shoplifter he caught one question, “How much money do you have on you?” No matter what the answer, his next statement was “give it to me.” The VP told me in all the years he worked there, no one ever refused because they knew it was give it up or go to jail. He said if the person said he had a dollar he took it, if they had five hundred dollars he took it.
    Years later, I was running a store in the north country of New York and we caught a truck driver stealing a pack of cigarettes. We asked the “how much do you have” question just for our paperwork. When we asked this trucker, he answered, “$2400.00” Believe me, the Albany story ran through my mind, but I resisted the temptation.

  7. eternal cracker p ; When I was 17 and quite naive I worked for an independent shell station in shall we say a “darker part of town.” This was before they became convenience stores. One time this car load of brothers pulls in and can’t get their car started. They ask me to give them a push down the street with my truck. Was supposed to be a couple miles and they’d give me twenty bucks when we got there. Turned out it was more than 5 miles and when we got there they didn’t have any “change.” Said they’d bring it in tomorrow. There was about 30 of them hanging around the yard laughing. Never saw them again.

  8. eternal cracker p; Yeah the pumping a couple gallons and taking off was common too as was doing the “change” switch. When the owner told me they came up short everyday I was dumbfounded. I thought people were honest!


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