Get off your a** and STAND.

Conservative Momma: No one goes to a movie or sits down to watch a sporting event and hopes that politics will be shoved in their face. No one. It is that moment when you can escape it. That moment where you can shut the real world off, you can shut off the day to day grind and ….well….relax.

This hasn’t been the case lately. Celebrities have decided to shoot their mouths off politically at every turn. Jennifer Lawrence just recently implied that our recent Hurricane’s are due to voting for Trump. Which is odd because I don’t remember Cuba, or the Caribbean Islands voting for Trump….do you??? Well, as a result to these political outcries by out of touch celebrities, this years summer box office hit a 25 year low in sales! Last year we watched multiple NFL players take a knee during the National Anthem and as a result NFL ratings tanked. These players were protesting….many things. Police Officers treatment towards people of color, oppression, white privilege, and they believe that not standing for the flag would change all this.

The irony here is these individuals who refuse to stand for the flag are essentially protesting the symbol of freedom. That’s what the United States Flag IS a symbol of –FREEDOM. They are actually protesting what symbolizes their right to protest. The strategy in not standing was not clearly conveyed last season or understood by the vast majority of Americans. This kneeling during the National Anthem just came across as disrespectful (because it was). When most Americans were asked if they understood this public display in not standing for the flag, they didn’t.


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  1. It’s Much More Important to Be “Cool in the Hood” Than to Stand ! I Don’t Gotta Stand and You Aint the Boss a Me !
    Well they Won’t Look so Cool when they Can’t even Afford the New Air Jordans ! They Need To invest in N.F.L ” Nike For Life ” now Before all Cash is Gone!
    A new pair Of Jordan’s Comes Every Month For Life… all for $ 3 Mill !!!

  2. Fuckem, I wore the uniform for 23 years, they can lick my conservative balls.

    I’ve given blood, sweat, and tears in my service. Fortunately not my life.

    They’ll have to kill me to take my god given rights away, and I give no shit’s about sports and other phucks that disrespect our country, they are just fodder or future prospective targets.

  3. 1000 likes for you, reboot.

    Completely disagree on any mandatory service. It being volunteer at the moment makes it the best in the world.

    And anony is right. It’s like forcing dyslexia on everybody else. More than one sentence and I don’t bother reading. Nothing personal plaintsman, I just hate having to start over to make sure I have the right meaning you’re trying to convey. It’s like everything is a title

    If I had to do that all day I would have a headache for sure.

  4. I’m not on Twitter, but could someone start this hashtag…please, pretty please?


    Thanks so very much!!!

  5. Willysgoatgruff : Thanks, but I do Need to tune it Down. Sometimes I think my keydoard is a Musical instrument , and that does’nt always work for others !

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