Good Luck With the Mandatory Evacuation In Your Car That Requires Electricity, You Stupid Leftards

Things the hurricane taught thinking people —-


ht/ fdr in hell

If you’re stuck behind a stalled Tesla, or some other rechargeable car, it should be legal to toss it off an embankment for the good of society.

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  1. You left out coal powered piece of shit car. Stupid leftards think power comes from a receptacle. Power generation comes from coal, nuke or hydroelectric.
    How I despise shallow leftists.

  2. @PHenry — haha! So typical, too, that because *they* aren’t the ones causing the nasty emissions, they can blame their vaunted Global Warming on those horrible coal, nuclear and hydro plants and the Fat Cat 1%-ers who own/run them.

  3. Cobalt for electric car parts is mined in Africa by child labor
    But that’s OK because its not “Child Labor” child labor, liberals say instead: Youthful Artisan Metallurgy.

  4. Where were all the bicyclists during the evac? Florida is pretty flat. The People of the Spandex could have made quite a statement with their little trailers in tow, wending their way through the stalled cars.

  5. Every new electric car on the road is equivalent to 30 gas guzzling SUVs the first year. Second year, about 29. Third, 28 and so on. It takes 30 years to be on par with 1 gas guzzling SUV. Then you need to drive it another 30 years to be equivalent in gross emissions output.

    Even then, that’s questionable given battery replacements, tire changes, wrecks, a bunch of electronics with wires, etc., etc., etc., OH! and the fact cars just don’t last 60 years typically.

  6. When automobiles were first invented, consumers had three choices of methods of propulsion: steam, electric, and gasoline. Very shortly thereafter practicality, performance, and a free market reduced those methods to one – gasoline. That was over a hundred years ago, though, and it has been proven that Mankind does not learn from history. He has to be re-taught – over and over and over again.

  7. An abandoned electric car, with a discharged battery, in a flooded situation, would be a fire hazard. Driving a low charged electric vehicle through deep water could also cause a fire endangering the occupants. !!00 degrees.
    All high energy lithium-ion batteries use more cobalt in their formulations than lithium. If there is ever a nuclear event, you really don’t want to be anywhere near the newly formed cobalt 60 isotopes that will be formed. With certainty, it will kill.
    I’ll trust the old Land Rover here, which can be de-tuned to run on 62 octane.

  8. There is only one practical internal combustion/electric hybrid that I can think of, and I really don’t want to get stuck behind one. Or in front of that diesel/electric railroad locomotive, either.

    p.s. @PHenry – Don’t forget natural gas. There are a lot of gas turbines pumping out the electric juice these days.

  9. In post-war Germany (WWII), cars also ran on wood-fired boilers. There’s a great example of a taxi run that way in the opening segment of “I Was a Male War Bride” (Cary Grant/Ann Sheridan).

  10. The VOLT has a 9-gallon gas tank that runs an on-board battery-charging generator only. It’s a better idea than a battery-only car.

    @ Ted – I think the LEAF only gets 56 miles on a full charge.

  11. I will never own an overpriced Elon Musk subsidized by taxpayer money to drive 100 miles. If I did have one, I just drive it around the neighborhood to impress the neighbors. I can buy more than my heart’s desires with $100 grand.

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