Good News! NFL Tickets are cheaper than ever!

Breitbart: NFL Ticket Prices Continue to Crater, Some Tickets Sell for $3.

The NFL is having such a tough time filling seats that in some cases tickets are selling for the unheard of price of ten dollars to even three dollars a seat on the secondary market, several reports say.

At the end of November, Breitbart Sports reported that tickets for some games were going for as low as $15 and $10 a seat as the NFL continues to lose fans.

In November a website that tracks the cost of a fan experience at stadiums reported that full price tickets were going for $85 and up, but despite the customary prices the secondary markets were seeing a lot of unwanted tickets that fans and the services can’t seem to give away.

Things had gotten so bad by December that the Baltimore Ravens, a team that until now has had little trouble selling tickets since moving from Cleveland, launched an advertising campaign alerting fans to the cut-rate ticket prices on secondary markets such as Ticketmaster.

But this week several sources are reporting that ticket prices have fallen even farther.

17 Comments on Good News! NFL Tickets are cheaper than ever!

  1. They don’t have enough money for me to attend an NFL game.

    That’s what I’m trying to convey to the RNC, what’s the point of having principles if you never apply them.

    I don’t have the problem the GOP and NFL have.

  2. The skybox scene must be pretty dismal. Talk about a real estate bubble. But I bet they could turn them into awesome driving ranges. I mean, if they ever want to make money off of them again.

  3. Never did intentionally support the NFL but my usual beer was Bud. I was unable to withdraw my support because I never did watch the NFL.
    However, I have since changed my brand of beer.
    …….take that NFL.

  4. I read somewhere that they’re slyly trying to pay people to fill the seats now, like extras on a movie set. Of course, this is all behind the scenes. I don’t know if it’s true, but it’ll be interesting if it is. That’ll mean these huge salaries for these spoiled, unAmerican babies are over.

  5. I’d go if they gave me four tickets, paid me to go, threw in free parking, brats and tall ones. But I’m standing for the Anthem and I may bring a big sign that calls the NFL tone-deaf ingrates. Deal?

  6. In patriots country there is an old rule that still applies and that is if the stadium does NOT sell out then the game is NOT broadcast within a 50 mile radius of the stadium, period.

    Since I “cut the cord” to cable companies years ago, I could care less but have heard friends complain they can no longer watch a patriots game and my answer is always GOOD!

    We need to continue to starve them into bankruptcy next year since the NFL, ahem, spit, “leadership” decided to double-down on stupid and GAVE Goosmell his 5 year 200 million dollar contract along with his private jet for losing money hand over fist for 2 years straight, and there is NO end in sight because he refuses to enforce the rules on their books, buried the concussion issue, and is letting the thugs on the field run the company into the ground with their insipid “protest”.

    The ONLY thing I look forward to more than next years players strike due to reduced player wages from their “protests” is the outright DEATH of that entire company.

    Finally, we already have an awesome replacement for them with the LFL because these smoking hot ladies play the game better than their male counterparts and have no problem standing respectfully for our national anthem with hand over heart when the flag is raised.

  7. I remember a local radio station used to hold a contest every week. First prize was two tickets to Sunday’s game. Second prize was four tickets…

  8. cslamer,

    LFL very cute, garter on one leg, shoulder pads and knee pads…. bikini uniforms, they make the NFL look like sissies.

  9. “… what’s the point of having principles if you never apply them.”?

    I know that’s a rhetorical question, but if you don’t apply them, they simply aren’t principles. Principles, like a large brand on your forehead, will always out – whether for good or ill – it depends upon those very same principles.

    The RNC HAS principles – which it displays, asserts, and stands-by every single day – but they’re the principles of the con-man, the corrupt, the thief, the liar, the rogue, the traitor, the coward, the pusillanimous, and the miscreant.

    Same principles as the NFL – and the “playahs.”

    izlamo delenda est …

  10. I remember growing up in the 60’s and 70’s that pro players in the CFL (Canadian Football League) had to have secondary jobs to support their families. Russ Jackson, a legendary QB for the Ottawa Roughriders taught math at a local High School and went on to become Principal after his playing days were over. Maybe today’s players may have to start thinking about this. Maybe they can’t teach math but they could probably sell beer along with the Clydesdales.

  11. Judging from the decisions. or the lack of them, football helmets have apparently been a total failure.
    brains are short-circuiting on a wide scale.


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