Gorka continues winning streak

Howie Carr: Who would have thought Sebastian Gorka could sum up CNN with one beautiful sentence. “It’s laughable.”


You have to watch this moment between Gorka and Cooper Anderson (Howie’s version of his name is sooo much more fun).

I love how aggravated these anchors are getting as the Trump administration trashes their “news” network to their faces. It is a thing of beauty.


16 Comments on Gorka continues winning streak

  1. It is like watching a sniper–taking them down one at a time. Alisyn Camerota, Anderson Cooper, and then Jake Tapper. It is all a wonder to behold!

  2. ‘Cooper Anderson’ is brilliant.
    I’ve pissed my daughter off every time I dismissively ask her if she’s checked ‘Bookface’ lately. She’s heard more than a few times my contempt for social media.

  3. Sebastian Gorka is going to run out of shows that will have him. I an picture that banjo playing, fudge packer, Anderson Cooper thinking to himself, “Stop it…..your killin me!”.

  4. “I’m going to ignore the insults”


    Mr. Gorka, didn’t you know that CNN is in charge of all insults, not you??

  5. I don’t know why Cooper is taking a holier than thou approach by “ignoring the insults”. Why the hell does he think that Jeff Zucker, a fired prime time network president, was hired to run a news organisation? He was hired specifically to raise ratings and make money. I think that’s even quoted someplace around the time he was taken onboard. How do you do that when you have NO background in news, have never been a reporter or taken a journalism course? Well you fall back on what you know, salacious prime time television programming and that was what he was hired for. Geezuz Cooper, you work for pimps either get out or get over it.

  6. Is there anything Sebastian Gorka can possibly say that would convince Cooper to agree with the Trump agenda?
    Absolutely not.
    So why even try?
    Team Trump is better off expressing true feelings of contempt for CNN’s reportage so they make it very clear this is an adversarial relationship.

  7. Nothing like a sonorous scold, delivered in a posh accent, making even the most errant schoolboy, hang his head.


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