Greek Hero of the Trojan War Is Now a Black Dude

Netflix, for progressive reasons, has cast a black guy to play Achilles, which, according to author Homer, was a blonde-haired guy.

The Brits can do what they want. It’s their film.

But, of course, Hollywood has been doing this for years, too. It’s part of a calculated agenda.

Ralph Kramden is no Achilles, but he is a cultural icon, and they couldn’t wait to make him black. Why? Is white Kramden not funny to black people?

I wouldn’t find a white Fred Sanford in a white redux of Sanford and Son to be either necessary, or funnier. Redd Foxx was perfect. You don’t mess with that.

But the black Odd Couple, with Demond Wilson? That was needed.

This is not Hollywood simply peppering black people into roles because we should be color blind, and because it shouldn’t matter. This is purposeful.

How do I know this?

When Hitler is cast as a black guy I will stand corrected.

Never gonna happen. But they’ll cast a black guy to play Alexander Hamilton.



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  1. I know the Trojans have, on occasion, been presented as black (Turkey and all), but the other roles is a lame attempt to get more blacks to watch.

  2. Imagine President Obama–played by a white guy. He’d come across as nothing more than a talented teleprompter reader.

  3. All movies must be shot again, with a lead black actor. So I don’t watch movies ever.
    No tv either.
    Liberals are running the country. Always have.

  4. It’s more of the tortured thinking by the progressive’s to make blacks feel better. It’s cartoonish absurdity that only serves to magnify their lack of contributions to history.
    Not because of their color but because those in the creative fields refuse to focus on the blacks who really were standouts. Those blacks tended to lean more conservative and therefore won’t be used as examples.

  5. Greek sentry on guard: “What ho, Achilles!”

    Achilles: “You got hos? Dayum! And I done left mah crib wifout no Trojans!”

  6. So now i can spin it to the left that Al Jolson was merely showcasing and paying respectful tribute to the unsung talents of black people when he went black face.

  7. It’s about time someone finally gave recognition to the achievements of the negro minority that worked their way up from slavery to freedom after the over looked Civil War between the Greek City States that set free the darker Greco-African slaves. This is simply acknowledging that Homer was a racist, who overlooked the Homeric achievements of these Greco-Africans in Greek culture. There are probably hundreds of statues of these Greco-Africans languishing in back rooms in museums all across Greece. For centuries, the achievements of Barako the Great were suppressed by one racists historian after another. White archeologists destroyed most of the evidence of the achievements of these negros, so it has almost been forgotten that it was really Barako who rallied the Athenians to defeat the Persians at Selma and made Barakocare available to all his peoples. He had a dream that one day something called Netflix would free his people from white stereotypes. Rumor has it that Netflix is working on a new series that will prove all those contributions of the Mohammedans to Western Civilization.

  8. They did something similar with the Mitch Rapp movie American Assassin.

    His boss is Irene Kennedy — as Irish as they come. They cast a black woman.

  9. Roma Downy and her husband did the Bible miniseries on the History Channel. Their Sampson was a black dude with dreadlocks. Of course, their devil looked a lot like Obama.

  10. This is all part of re-writing history. Since most people today get their info about history from movies (not books), eventually they will remember Achilles as black.

    When all the Disciples are cast as black, with the exception of Judas Iscariot cast as white, then we know that political correctness is a lost cause.

  11. I’m writing a bio movie right now about Martin Luther King. My hope is to have Matt Damon or Ben Afleck play MLK. If there is any way, I am going to try to get Danny Devito to play Jessie Jackson. And of course I could not do better than having Danny Glover in the roll of James Earl Ray.

  12. I thought the same thing until I saw Elijah Woods’ performance as Kunte Kinte in the remake of Roots.

    It was groundbreaking. Like literally, tilling the soil.

  13. There were always black *adaptations* of popular works and this article illustrates a few. The thing is, The Wiz never unseated, took the place of, and erased all history of the original Wizard of Oz. This crap has been happening in comics for years now, where certain characters are now some other race than white. You’re also starting to see it in TV and movie adaptations. They’re still the same character with all the same history and origin story, only they’re black. Like the character Valkyrie in the new Thor movie. It’s BS.

    Go ahead and laugh if you must. First they came for the comic books, but I did nothing because comic books are for children. Whatever.

  14. Smells like “cultural appropriation” to me.

    Or maybe it’s just the Jheri-Curl reacting with the Bronze helmet.

    Ain’t no wonder Peleus threw Thetis out! An Ethiope in the fuel supply!

    izlamo delenda est …

  15. My favorite Black role remake was the one where they cast Sammy Davis, Jr. as President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Man, those tap dancing scenes in the White House Oval Room were fantastic!

    Oh, wait —

  16. Fine. Let’s make a movie about the hallowed, golden age of Africa, when they wuz all Kaings. But let’s make the kaings all white. Or maybe Chinese. Not enough asian representation in Hollywood.

  17. Anybody watching that new show “Knightfall”, about the Templars? I am, and I can’t believe they’re three episodes in without a black knight. Or kaing.

  18. Ornery1, a white guy playing the halfrican Øbama would be neither more nor less valid than a black one. Unless of course one subscribes to the “One Drop Rule” apparently so beloved in the black “community”.

  19. Just culturally appropriate all of Western Civilization.

    Like Rousseau in The Social Contract, “man is born free and everywhere he is in 2Chains”.

    Innocent III being elected Pope? Henceforth, he shall be none as Pope DinduNuffin the 1st.


    Following the Hunnit Years War, another civil war between the House of Lancaster and the House of York became known as The War of the Rose Golds.

  20. Walked out of the 1991 Robin Hood when Morgan Freeman came on screen.

    If there was a middle-aged black guy in 13th century England, he would have been in a circus sideshow.

  21. They prolly have all these complicated handshakes, and stab with the sword held all sideways, and wear their helmets backwards where they can’t see shit, and they all get killed.
    But they get their revenge.
    Because of the shitloads of hot sauce they had stashed in the Horse, the Trojans were all afflicted with the Devil’s ass for a week.

  22. There is a colorized version of “Red River,” which I didn’t watch, with James Arness as John Wayne (1948). They have a black cowboy on the cattle drive which annoys some white cowboys. I can imagine the rest. No thanks.

  23. Hollywood is stuck in stupid. They’ve been rehashing the same material over and over again. Now, Hollywood is casting roles using black actors to bow down to the gods of diversity. Predictably, it doesnt make the black recasted films more popular. Most crash and burn at the box office. Changing characters etnicity has no effect on a profitability or popularity of a film, either, but it satisfies the white guilt quota for elitist progressives.

  24. They’re desperate to fill seats in theater’s showing black actors who are bitching about not getting enough Oscars. They are limited on casting them in role’s that are believable.
    Maybe they should try “Grand theft auto” the movie.

  25. Imagine Casablanca recast with negroes.

    It wouldn’t be much of a film with all the blunt smoking, whoring, and they’d sell out their mothers for a pair of sneakers…

  26. This is the work of snow flake directors and writers that have no clue the amount of social discord they create when they pull this shit. There’s plenty of stories of heroic black historical figures to make quality movies about.
    How cool would a movie about Bass Reeves be? Starring Denzel Washington. They would actually make money with that movie.

  27. They originally were going to cast Ajax as a black man..

    But they were having a hell of a time working

    “Janitor-in-a-Drum ” into the dialogue.

  28. Agreed, Bad_Brad. Great idea. Bass Reeves, the inspiration for the Lone Ranger. He’s too conservative for Hollyweird, but, Wow, Reeves story would be an awesome movie.

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