Gun Seller Tells TD Bank To #Sand

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“It’s frightening the way the government can come in and say you don’t have a right to exist and shut off your funding,” he said.
“It’s arbitrary and capricious.”

Gun Seller Dropped By Bank Rejects Their Attempt ‘To Kiss And Make Up’

A Massachusetts gun store owner says it’s “too late” for a bank to mend a relationship that it broke.

Mark Cohen, who owns Powderhorn Outfitters, a Hyannis, Mass. gun retailer, said that his longtime bank, TD Bank, refused to extend a line of credit because of the business he is in.

Cohen explained what happened in an interview with The Daily Caller on Friday.

“This year I went to apply for a line of credit, and the bank manager came by the store,” said Cohen, adding that he’s known the bank manager for over 20 years.

“Mark, I apologize,” she said, according to Cohen, “your credit history is great, but the bank is turning you down because you sell guns.”

Cohen told his friend and lender that he would have no choice but to close his accounts with the bank since they couldn’t provide the services his company needs.

He then sent an email blast to his 5,000-plus email list and wrote a blog post for the website Northeast Shooters. The Washington Times first reported the story.

Cohen believes that TD Bank didn’t want to do business with his gun store because of a government initiative called Operation Choke Point.

Operated under a cloud of secrecy by the Department of Justice and in coordination with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, Operation Choke Point forces banks to keep a closer eye on companies in industries that are deemed “high risk”, including gun and ammunition dealers, coin dealers, payday lenders, and debt consolidation service providers.



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  1. This is a classic example of Massachusetts! You may think that I am crazy but this is how the Bay Colony works! This will happen to you if you let it happen to you.

  2. The banks are guilty of a lot of things and TD probably had a visit from a government employee to “explain” the nature of the law. I suspect this explanation took the form of telling them to cut gun sellers loose or face microscopic government scrutiny in their own business. Hell, the Mafia isn’t dead they just took off the tracksuits, put on ties and grey suits and went to work for the government.

    I’m glad this guy fought back but I hope he remembers the real enemy is the government and the Democrats.

  3. My “long-winded” analysis, posted at the DC,
    ” don’t doubt that Obozo’s ” Operation Choke Me Reggie” or whatever it’s called, was likely the impetus behind the denial, BUTT, it’s not like the bank was just an innocent victim caught in the middle powerless! Especially considering that Mr Cohen and the banker know each other personally. If she had been “forced” by “Choke&Puke” to deny the loan, she could’ve at least explained that to Mr Cohen and they could’ve gone public together! But the bank made the decision to throw Mark under the bus rather than stand with him and his business, because they calculated (erroneously) that it would be less costly for them to quietly lose one customer than to have to stand up to Bobama and his minions!!! WRONG!!! OR, the other option is that the bank AGREED WITH the Obozo policy, and they gladly used it as an excuse to discriminate against a business they disagreed with politically!!! Either way, screw ’em!”

  4. “At TD Bank, lending decisions are made at the local level. We are a bank of local lenders making local loans,” wrote TD Bank spokeswoman Erin Potts on Thursday.

    After further inquiries into how lending decisions are made at the company, Potts issued another statement on Friday.

    “At TD, Mr. Cohan’s [sic] business is not prohibited. We review each loan on a case by case basis. We apologize to Mr. Cohan [sic] for any inconvenience, and we have reached out to him to find a solution.”

    Reaching out to find a solution entailed calling Cohen late Friday.

    But the gun store owner said he is not interested in resuming the relationship.

    “They basically offered nothing,” he said, in a phone interview with TheDC on Saturday.

    “They want to kiss and make up, but it’s too little, too late,” Cohen said.

    Cohen said that he’s received a massive response from customers and gun enthusiasts from across the country.

    “It’s just grown legs,” he said, indicating that the bank’s decision to cut off ties to his company might backfire.

    “My customers are coming in, and I’m getting emails, they’ve lost hundreds of customers in the last two days,” said Cohen, who speculated that the number of lost customers might reach into the thousands before all is said and done.

    Cohen did the right thing; find another bank, tell TD to “KMA” and let his customer base know about it.

    I love the “they’ve lost hundreds of customers in the last two days” part.

  5. what little i read about this – it was supposed to be about the “payday” loan cos that offer 600% rates

  6. #shoveitupyourasscommie

    Masshole pigs don’t need a Choke Point DOJ pressure bullshit excuse to tyrannize citizens. It’s in the DNA.

  7. I pray daily this asshole occupying the WH slips to his death but in the end I know the Lord is punishing us much the same way he did ancient Israel for their multitude of sins

  8. Why can’t we all just get along ? It is things like this that really scares Americans. The younger generation and the low information voters have their head up their iphone (or is it an obama phone) and don’t see or care what is going on. Everyone claimed W was going to take away our rights. Now this president and his DOJ are doing just that and Americans ignore it. We should all prepare for the worst in obama’s amerika of the future.

  9. 10mm. You forget God uses bad people for his reasons too.

    No one can deny strife can lead people to God.

    Not likely God will strike anyone down just to make life rosier here for present believers.

    It’s all about joining Him in the afterlife and He’s willing to do whatever it takes.

    I trust God. Not my limited understandings and desires for a strife-free life.

    Hard to see at first, but thanking God for what is happening now is appropriate because it is all a part of His plan and us understanding each part is not required.



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