HAHA- NYC Bomber Insults OBAMA AND THE LEFT Without Realizing It

Port Authority bombing suspect wrote on Facebook: ‘Trump you failed to protect your nation’.

Too bad every effort made by Trump to protect this nation, and keep savage, maniac losers like this guy out of the country, is met by leftist resistance. This loser scum was brought here way before Trump became president.


Monday wrote on Facebook before the attack that President Trump “failed to protect” the U.S. and left handwritten notes in his home saying, “O America, die in your rage,” a criminal complaint against Akayed Ullah stated.

Ullah, a 27-year-old who lived in Brooklyn and entered the U.S. in 2011 via chain migration, was the only person seriously injured when his crude device was detonated just before 7:30 a.m. in a crowded subway passageway near Port Authority.

The suspect told authorities he planned the attack “for the Islamic State” and was angry about the U.S. policies in the Middle East, according to the criminal complaint released on Tuesday.


Trump has more than decimated ISIS since become commander-in-chief, astonishing generals at the swiftness, because Trump simply changed the rules of engagement. He let soldiers be soldiers. The military is less of a social experiment in queerness and more of what it’s supposed to be, a killing machine.

Imagine what we could get done in this country if the left was neutered.


17 Comments on HAHA- NYC Bomber Insults OBAMA AND THE LEFT Without Realizing It

  1. It has not passed my notice that every time POTUS Trump talks or tweets about something — anything, it seems — there materializes the exact, perfect example that fully supports his assertions. I’d bet money that if today he said something about the dangers of running with scissors, tomorrow there would be a huge story about someone injuring themselves with scissors.

  2. Left Coast Dan — I don’t know the series. Is it good? There must be a scissors story in there somewhere, right? 🙂

    (I quit watching BBC because of their Lefty bias. Sort of like PBS, I guess.)

  3. Cliche — I’m 100% with you on that! And it wouldn’t be retribution, either. If his family are making loud noises about the unfairness of the law here, they’ve got to go.

  4. AA – it’s based upon a Douglas Adams book, so rather silly and fantastical. I enjoy it but it’s kind of a geeknerd type of show.

    In this season the scissors-wielding warriors are from a literal fantasy world created by a kid on Earth. The world has existed for about 50 years – the entire time during which the kid has been in a coma. And part of his being in a coma resulted from seeing him mother stab his father in the forehead – with a pair of scissors.

  5. AA: We can tell them they are right. Everyone likes to be right don’t they?

    We are unfair. You brought a terrorist with you? Assets seized. Pack your shit and GTFO.

    If I recommended a scumbag to my employer and they stole, disgraced us, what have you…they would jump on my head with both feet.

  6. Gee, he’s been planning this for the past three weeks…..the CIA should definitely speak with the lad as he’s definitely a psychic–he knew three weeks ago that Trump was going to move the embassy.
    (I guess that shoots that LSM narrative to shit!)

  7. aww, the poor widdle Filthy Mohammedan Savage….he has a tummy ache!

    -I guess he didnt have the guts to go thru with martyrdom
    -Now he knows what a semi-colon is
    -no guts, no glory
    -he’s gutless

  8. What happens if you screw up your suicide bombing mission and dont kill any infidels?

    Will any of your 72 virgins even give you the time of day?


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