Happy Birthday, BFH!


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  1. Just remember: You’re older than you’ve ever been, and you’re younger than you’ll ever be. Happy Birthday!

  2. Nothing travels faster than the speed of light with the possible exception of Birthdays, which obey their own special laws. Have a Happy one!

  3. May you have a very happy birthday and many many returns. Thank you so very much for keeping me sane during the Obama years.

  4. Happy Birthday, BFH!! Thank-you so much for everything you do, this website keeps me sane. Here’s to many more birthdays and may they all be happy!

  5. Fur, may all your wishes come true. I’m sure we will all agree with *most* of them (some may not agree with “running down bicyclers becoming legal” wish!).


  6. Happy birthday to Mr. Hat.
    Not too old and not too fat.
    A lover of vets
    And painter of pets
    A talented man
    With a Florida tan.
    His words are well chosen
    To keep his enemies frozen
    Back on their heels
    To our delightful squeals.
    Keep up the good fight
    For you know what is right
    So get back to work
    And target the jerk
    Whose progressive ideas
    Cause rot between the ears.

  7. “Hard to believe that next year Iโ€™ll be 40.”

    Ahh … to be young again!

    Happy Birthday!
    Hope you have a thousand more!

  8. Happy Birthday BFH !

    You add so much joy to all of our lives ! Thank you for staying upbeat and persevering through all the swampy articles to bring a light and often humorous take to us.

    Celebrate with gusto !

  9. Happy Birthday BFH!! Many happy returns ๐Ÿ˜„

  10. HBD BFH

    I recommend the variety slice cheese cake from Walmart. Each is delicious and you’re not stuck eating the same thing the rest of week.

    If you’re going splurge for your special day, might as well make it really count (calories)!

  11. an ol exjarhead – I grew up on military bases in my yoot ( AF brat ) and all we had at the time was local 3rd world TV or http://myafn.dodmedia.osd.mil/ < --- AFRTS. Which back in the day, was old TV shows, old movies and Victory At Sea. LOL. It was bad, y'all. It made me miss commercials!!! [No ads allowed, but sometimes they'd let one slip here and there and we'd be watching them like they were first-run movies.] Even the soap operas were 14 days behind. Only thing new was NASCAR, NFL and baseball. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ausVC2NhAo

  12. Congratulations on making it to another birthday! I hope you have many more! Gettin’ old aint’ for the meek.

  13. Happy Birthday BFH! Many thanks for IOTW and all you do, you make a difference every day.
    Live long and prosper…but stay away from Sulu’s quarters! Sum ting Wong with that boy!

  14. Very happiest of birthdays to you. Having recently lived through one of them myself I will tell you it can be done with grace and aplomb. Not saying that is how I did it, just saying it can be done.

  15. @BFH:

    Hard to believe that next year Iโ€™ll be 40.

    Impossible, actually. (-:

    And just for you, since you’re in Florida:

    Feliz, feliz en tu dรญa,
    Amiguito quรฉ Dios te bendiga,
    Quรฉ reine la paz en tu dรญa,
    Y quรฉ cumplas muchos mรกs.

    (Be happy, happy on your day,
    Friend, may God bless you,
    May peace reign on your day,
    And may you celebrate many more.)

  16. Happy Birthday Fur …. & thank you for all your hard work in running this site for us inmates

    P.S. this site ought to be a Charitable Deduction ’cause it helps all of us keep what’s left of our sanity … at least a Medical Deduction

  17. Happy Birthday.

    And โ€œrunning down bicyclers becoming legalโ€ on the list? I’m in. Just thought I’d throw that in for moral support.

  18. It ain’t my birfday but i don’s seez why that’s no reason fro me not to have a cake, two!

    I meen c’mon!

  19. Ack. Early to rise, late to the party (or something like that), thatโ€™s me!
    Just checking in today, so hope youโ€™re oot & a-boot some place fabulous celebrating with fam/friends who love you.

    P.S. itโ€™s about that time for my semi annual BFH contribution, so Iโ€™ll be sending you a little sumthin sumthin, consider it a belated bday gift ๐ŸŽ ๐Ÿ’ฐ


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