Happy Birthday Muhammad!

Burner tells me today is Muhammad’s birthday!!!

Join me in the well wishes, won’t you?

27 Comments on Happy Birthday Muhammad!

  1. Happy birthday. How’s hell’s 72 virgins treatin’ ya? Tell Hitler, Lennin, Mao, and Ted Kennedy I said “Hi”.

  2. A sad day in World History, when a satanic, pedophile, False Prophet hoodwinks a populous for the purpose of genocide, mutilation and submission.

    mohammad a world class POS, as are those who follow the delirious ranting of a perverted madman.

  3. Hey Mo, meet our new friend Charlie. Yeah. The swastika between the eyebrows is a little distracting but you’ll get used to it.

  4. Well, Siri says you’re real so un-Happy birthday, you pedo! I took a Mo this morning, had to flush twice.


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