Happy Birthday, you old creepy lying sack of bony crap bastard!

Let’s Celebrate Harry Reid’s Birthday With A List Of The Most INSANE Stuff He’s Ever Said


13 Comments on Happy Birthday, you old creepy lying sack of bony crap bastard!

  1. I wonder if the mafia will rough him up again just ‘cuz it’s his birthday and all… got to do SOMETHING for the guy, right? :b

  2. I for one am quite happy to wish Dirty Harry a Happy Birthday and I wish he could remain the main force within the demoncrat party for the next fifty years…Why might you ask would I be happy to want such a thing? Because without Dirty Harry and his destruction of the honored Senate rules with his “nuclear option” that got rid of the filibuster that gave the minority party the ability to stop Presidential nominations, General Mad Dog Mattis will be our next and best ever SecDef. Without Dirty Harry’s dirty tricks it would have taken lesser men decades to start cleaning up the mess that eight years of social engineering have done to our military. So on behalf of all of my brothers in arms I thank Dirty Harry for the dirty work that he has done, may he writhe in torment for the rest of his miserable life seeing the results of his short sighted and malicious acts.

    We really do need more demoncrats like Dirty Harry and the Wicked Witch Hillary, how many more times can the demoncrats loose under their flawed leadership? Lets find out!

    MSG Grumpy

  3. I am amazed at how the Dims never think the clock has a pendulum and it always swings back to crush their overreach.

  4. I’m still waiting for this lying prick to name and sue the manufacturer of the exercise band that supposedly broke and left the fucker blind in one eye.

  5. I’m fairly certain that “exercise band” was a guy named “Rocco” or “Moose” who spoke with a heavy Bronx-Italian accent…

  6. Happy Birthday Harry,
    May you be inflicted with boils.
    May your ass be afflicted with intolerable nonstop itching
    May your balls descend so low that you are always sitting on them
    May you develop scurvy
    And the remainder of your days be in the presence only of those who are paid to take care of you, and who openly discuss their contempt of you in your presence, and whose resentment of you is meted out through hundreds of small slights and insults throughout the day.

  7. Every single time I hear that asshole speak with those mispronunciations and the way he can’t complete a word properly I wan’t to rip his lungs out of his scrawny, needle-dick neck!

    Fuck you Harry, you pathetic sack of shit!

  8. Harry I wish that on your birthday you stub your big toe, shit your pants, and get an unstoppable nose bleed. The fewer birthdays you have left, the better. Fuck you!


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