Head of Int’l. Energy Agency: Electric Cars Won’t Overtake Traditional Cars Any Time Soon

(CNSNews.com) – At a hearing of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee on Tuesday, Faith Birol, the head of the International Energy Agency, was asked for his views about the “electrification” of transportation.

“The number of electric cars will grow,” Birol told the panel. “But our numbers show that, even two decades from now, the biggest chunk of the cars we are running will be the existing internal combustion engines, the traditional cars.”

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Birol said he expects the number of electric cars to grow in places such as Europe and China, where there is a lot of incentive and subsidies to produce them.

“And with the declining costs of batteries for electric cars, plus the very generous government subsidies in some countries, we see the electric cars are increasing substantially,” Birol said.

Birol said despite the proliferation of electric cars in some countries, the demand for oil will continue to grow.

“The cars are not the biggest part of the oil-demand growth,” he explained. “Oil demand today in the world is driven by trucks, jets, ships and, most important, (the) petrochemical industry. Even though there will be a lot of electric cars coming into markets, running in the streets of the world, we will still see that there is a need for new oil production.”

Birol said the anticipated growth in oil demand and production “is definitely good news for the U.S. economy.”  more here

13 Comments on Head of Int’l. Energy Agency: Electric Cars Won’t Overtake Traditional Cars Any Time Soon

  1. I hear Ford and some other US manufacturers are nosediving
    into making way too many of the
    electrics and hybrids way too soon.
    Watch out for squalls.

  2. Wow, that’s a revelation no one saw coming.

    That came out of the US Senate Testimony?
    Double wow !!
    And people say we have a do-nothing senate !

  3. Coal fired cars (electric) are fine for urban environments. Little trips to the all natural grocery and yoga fitness center.
    But groceries will continue to be delivered by fume belching diesel trucks and your yoga pants are made of petrochemicals, as is your iPhone and Samsung galaxy.
    You electric car people are so stupid.

  4. What really 🔥 burns my britches 🔥 is that I’ve seen systems using MAGNETS to spin alternating positive to negative and running a generator for electricity.

    We have the technology to:
    ⚫ start a magnet rotating…a big one
    ⚫ control the RPMs
    ⚫ control the generator
    ⚫ create power for appliances
    ⚫ use generator to recharge batteries for the next electronic start up

    This is not really new. Japanese bullet trains use the push-pull method of magnets to create speed.

    Why can’t each house be fitted with one of these systems to run some or all household needs? How often do magnets wear out?

  5. The majority of cars will be electric when the dead zone encompasses the entire Gulf of Mexico. And the corn belt will be like dust bowl era OK.


    Here I am reading the feel good story of the day and I’m hit with….. MAGNETS!?!?!

    The hell man?


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