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  1. I have a newspaper headline from the 70’s which has a picture of a little girl with a caption that reads ” I bet she will have to beat the boys off when she gets older”.
    I still laugh when ever i look at it.

  2. Good representation of today’s print medium.

    Advertisement from a butcher shop:

    “You can’t beat our meat !”

  3. The Redskins had a player in the 1980s named Tony Peters. One weekend he was hurt and the Washington Post headline was “Redskins Will Play This Weekend With Peters Out”.

  4. Does anyone expect people with a degree in journalism to have impressive language skills? These people, along with football players are the dregs of the university system.

  5. They should have watched that show years ago, I think it was Alice, anyway then they would know this is how you spell Mississippi: M I crooked letter crooked letter I crooked letter crooked letter I humpback humpback I.

  6. Hillary reads Teen Vogue mag!

    HRC asks what’s the big deal in N.M./LeNoir issue. If she can’t handle the constant ̶p̶e̶g̶g̶i̶n̶g̶ needling then she shouldn’t be there.

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